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  1. Slyder

    New to Skype and need help

    i did that and it still comes out jarbled.
  2. Slyder

    New to Skype and need help

    ok, so i bought the Skype Mac Starter Kit which is basically a USB microphone and ear plugs... still when i call the Test thing on skype and talk it doesn't play my voice back but a muffed up voice kinda sounding like the computer voice... what am i doing wrong here! Someone please help!
  3. Slyder

    New to Skype and need help

    sorry i meant to say Voice.
  4. Ok so i always heard people talking about Skype but never really checked out and finally found out what it actually is.... So i downloaded it and i did the test call to see if it recognizes your phone and it doesn't.... it will repeat what i said using the Computer Voice thingy. I have cable modem and a Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo... Do i need to get another Mic rather then using the built in one or what. need help, wanna use this!
  5. Slyder

    To buy or not to buy a (video) iPod?

    what kind of AV Cable, is there a special one to buy to use with the Video iPod?
  6. Slyder

    How do i burn a cd or dvd?

    well i might not need it if u can answer this question.. lol .. is there a way to convert .wmv to something i can view on my mac? i d/l a few .wmv from the Preston and Steve radio show and they won't play on my Macbook Pro. but that is the answer to the question as well. i'm being lazy cuz my jump drive is in my car and i don't want to go get it so i figured i'd just burn then put it on my PC.
  7. What program do i use to burn a cd or dvd? is there one that should have come with my Macbook Pro or do i need to download one? thanks, chris
  8. Slyder

    Spotlight problems!

    I went to use Spotlight tonight to search for a program and it just doesn't search. i type in the name it just says no result. it also doesn't bring anything up for anything i type in... i tired just typing in Hi figuring there has to be something on my HD with the letter Hi in it but it didn't do anything.... Any ideas? Chris
  9. Slyder

    lol i bought the iSpot for my iPod!

    It doesn't have a port to plug in to but there is a small hole in the pull out drawer that u put yout ipod in so u can connect it to your ipod and then shut the door and the headphone wires would just come out the opening. i bought it for $199
  10. Slyder

    Virtual PC 7

    yeah i don't wanna run windows @ all on my mac i hate windows
  11. Slyder

    Virtual PC 7

    I want to be able to play Absolute Poker on my Mac but u have to use Virtual PC to use it on a mac. Can i use this on my Macbook Pro? Thanks, Chris
  12. Just got mine in the mail today. This is my 2nd case cover becuz i had a MacExtreme Cover that like cliped on to it but i didn't like how u had to slide the iPod in to the bottom case and then put the front cover on. Felt like it was eventually going to cause some scratches. But i put the iSkin Evo3 on today and wow. it really covers everything & protects the front and doesn't take away from any of the wheel use. It feels grippy and looks really nice. Not sure how it would hold up to a drop but i really don't plan on dropping it. i'm more worried about screen protection and keeping dirt out which this looks to do very well. A+ for the iSkin Evo3 Case Cover!
  13. Slyder

    Excel Test Drive...

    ok. i'll check my cd. thanks
  14. Slyder

    Excel Test Drive...

    So i tried to use Excel on my MacBook Pro. It came on and i just had to install it. Well i clicked install and it all in a different language and installs in a different language... i think it swedish only cuz it went to the applestore/ sweden or something. is there anyway to get it in english?