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    My podcast list is too long

    Doing that does keep the files on the hd, but unavailable to be synced to my iPod. A few days ago, I found a method that is supposed to do what I want: http://forums.macrumors.com/archive/index.php/t-238521.html Frankly, that's a bit convoluted. It's probably easier to just make a second download from the source site. I've tested that and know it works. I was hoping for a more efficient solution, but maybe there isn't one. Thanks for the input, though. Regards, Feffer
  2. feffer

    My podcast list is too long

    I've been doing that for a while, but my list is getting long and I'd like to find a better way around this. Some have suggested going to the podcast source web page and downloading the ones I want to keep permanently. That does work, but requires a second download. I'm thinking there must be something I can do in command line or with an additional app to get rid of iTunes tag or whatever it is that creates this behavior. Any ideas?
  3. My podcast list is too long. How can I delete files from the podcast section of iTunes but keep them in the Library? I've checked the Apple forums and it looks like other people have this problem as well, but I didn't see any easy solution. It seems like iTunes either wants to keep podcasts in that section or delete them completely. It has been suggested that iTunes tags Podcasts as such when they are downloaded and that I'd need an ID3 tag editor other than iTunes, to change this. Anyone have any insights on this? Thanks, feffer