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  1. I'm at my wit's end over this. I just can't trace the problem :-( What I want to do is transfer VHS video into my computer, then burn a DVD. I've done it before with good results (maybe two or three months ago). Now, iDVD produces video that appears to be about 15 fps — real jerky and not of good quality. Here is my process: RCA jack > Canopus 110 > firewire into iMovie '08 (video stream to a dedicated partition on an early 2008 iMac) > send project to Media Browser at "high" setting > burn project in iDVD. The results? Terrible! But as I've said, it has worked in the past. Even stranger, video that I import into iMovie from my new Canon Vixia HF10 also now produces jerky video when output to iDVD. I'm totally scratching my head here. To confuse matters more, the poor-quality video persists even after upgrading to a 1TB internal hard drive (with lots of space for iMovie to read / write / render, what have you. Is anyone else experiencing this problem or have an idea as to what might be happening? I've got iDVD set to NTSC, Professional quality rendering, etc., etc. I just don't get it and I need to solve this situation quick as I have several projects backing up. Much appreciation, David
  2. twobikeminimum

    iDVD playback looks like web video

    Well, the problem seems to have resolved itself. I used Toast Titanium 9 to simply burn the clip from iMovie (being the import file when I imported the VHS tape into iMovie). Haven't tried it again in iDVD, but then I really don't need the menus per se. Thanks for the advice! David
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    iDVD playback looks like web video

    Hi all, This is weird. Yesterday I imported a VHS tape into iMovie 08 using a Canopus ADVC-110 converter box. The video looks fine in iMovie, but after I sent it to the Media Browser (large version) and burned it to disc in iDVD, the playback quality is pretty jerky — like 15-20 frames per second. It's watchable, but annoying; mostly, I'd just like to know what's caused this so I can try it again. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks — David
  4. twobikeminimum

    iDVD playback looks like web video

    Good call (checking Activity Monitor). I don't know if this was causing the problem, but Adobe Updater (which wasn't even open) was hogging up an incredible amount of CPU usage. This is obviously a separate issue, but I've been having problems with Adobe Updater with my CS3 apps for the last couple of months. It always asks for my password and keeps popping up windows and generally getting in the way. No one I know seems to have found a way around this. I'll let you know if I get a better burn with the movie file.
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    iDVD playback looks like web video

    Oh, sorry: I have a early 2008 iMac, 2.66 GHz with 4GB of memory, so it shouldn't be a hardware problem. Really strange...
  6. twobikeminimum

    partition iMac hard drive for video editing?

    Most excellent! (I had no idea Leopard could do this so easily... The last time I partitioned my internal hard drive was back with Panther.) Thanks for the advice :-) Time to start digitizing!
  7. Calling all Vid-heads! I recently got a Canopus ADVC 110 box for digitizing a mountain of analog video tapes (VHS and Hi-8). When I tried my first tape, I noticed that the digital file would "hiccup" in spots, which I assumed came from my external hard drive not being able to keep up writing the video stream. The 500GB drive on my early 2008 iMac is 7200rpm (I assume, going by what Apple has on the specs page — why can't I determine this using System Profiler?), so I'm thinking of partitioning the drive so that I have 10-20GB reserved ONLY for video conversion. I know I could buy another external drive for this purpose, but I only need a few GB's worth of space reserved for the transfer process only. Once I get a clean (no hiccups!) transfer, I can off-load to another location. My question is, what's the best way to partition my hard drive now that it's full of other files? Can I do this using Time Machine, or do I need to do an archive and install (which I've heard of but don't know that much about). Thanks in advance - David
  8. Hi all, Last night I was putting together an enhanced podcast in Garage Band when I got an audio spike through my headphones that was so loud, my wife head it across the room. It occurred as I was scrubbing through a track, followed by the "GB did not play all of your track" message (or something similar to that). Now, the audio itself is fine; I put it together in Soundtrack Pro and normalized for -.2 dB. I know what I'm doing there, as I've been working with audio on the Mac for years now. I'd just like to know if anyone else has experienced something similar (and I hope not, for your sake). This morning I still cannot hear properly out of my left ear. Hearing is critical to my work, too, so I need to come up with some kind of peak clipper to patch in between my headphone out jack and my ears. What a pain! In any case, does this sound like a software issue? I've never had this happen with any other audio software that I use... David
  9. Hi all, Here's what I'd like to do. I have an original iSight and would like to use it to show me what's going on outside my window. I work at home and have my blinds drawn shut to keep out all the bright light (saves my eyes). However, I'm wondering if I couldn't use my iSight to show (on my desktop) what's going on outside. I know I could open an application like iChat and use the video preview window, but is there some specialty software for this purpose? I have Periscope, but that's only for capturing stills. And I have no need to save video; just watch :-) Anyone heard of something like this? It would be even better to use this streaming video as a desktop background for my second monitor! David
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    MacBook overheating after effect?

    Hi all, While in Japan last week, I had my MacBook in target mode when I shut the top (absent-mindedly thinking the computer would go to sleep) and stuck it in my shoulder bag. About an hour or so later I pulled it out of my bag and found the computer to be quite hot, with all fans churning in a futile effort to cool it down. While the computer seems to be operating just fine, ever since that time the CPU temp jumps from the low-30's (celcius) straight to the high-70's / low-80's in less than a minute, prompting the fans to kick on. This was never the case in the past. The fans would kick on only during intense use; now they power up right away, creating a lot of unwarranted noise. Any idea why this might be happening, or what I could do to correct it? I reset the PRAM but to no avail. Thanks! David
  11. twobikeminimum

    MacBook overheating after effect?

    Problem solved (and so easy, too). I went in to the Apple Store and the Genius helping me checked the Activity Monitor (in Utilities). Sure enough, there was a stuck print job that was hogging over 99% (!) of the CPU's attention. This was the cause of the immediate ramp-up in CPU heat and the subsequent running of the fans. Such an easy problem, yet one that is largely invisible to the user. I'd never paid that much attention to Activity Monitor in the past but will certainly keep it in mind in the future. Hope this helps anyone else experiencing similar symptoms! David
  12. twobikeminimum

    wireless networks not showing up

    Wow, such simple advice. Thanks Pat! I have to say this is the first time that zapping the PRAM actually solved a problem ;-) But seriously, I didn't even think to do this because it's never been a help in the past. My question now is: what could have happened to cause my Airport Card to go berzerk? It suddenly started acting up yesterday for no apparent reason. I'm really happy to be back online again, but it'd be nice to know what happened. Oh well, so it goes. Thanks again! David
  13. I'm just having a bad day. First an external drive containing my iTunes music folder died and this afternoon my wireless connectivity goes out the window Here's the sitch: my wife's MacBook has no trouble connecting to our Airport Extreme base station, but my new iMac suddenly cannot pick up any wireless signals — let alone our own. What's most troubling is that when running Network Diagnostics, the process hangs on "Select Airport Network". I was going to call our ISP, but as I said, my wife's MacBook is humming along just fine. Does this sound like a hardware issue? Thanks! David
  14. twobikeminimum

    music folder on dead external drive

    You know, I thought of this as I was falling asleep last night. I bet it'll work — the only problem is that I told iTunes to move the location of the music folder (from the failing drive to the new one) before I had a chance to consolidate my music. I'll give it a try and let you all know how it turns out!
  15. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. My music folder is on an external hard drive that is failing to spin-up (it tries to spin but never makes it all the way...). So it seems I'm stuck as for what to do next. I did copy my entire music folder to another external drive as a back-up, but that was about 5 weeks or so ago. Is it somehow possible to consolidate my iTunes music folder onto a brand new drive using the files from that last back-up? I don't think so, but it'd sure be nice. Of course, I wouldn't have all the stuff I've added since that last back-up, but that's OK. I just don't want to have to re-import all my music using "add to library" from the back-up (which I'm assuming would add duplicates of everything and screw up my "date added" fields, etc.). Does anyone know of a utility out there that is made for this type of situation? Thanks in advance! David
  16. twobikeminimum

    music folder M.I.A.

    Bingo! Thanks... (This is quite simple, when you think about it; yet I bet a lot of people — like me — intuitively think the easiest thing to do is to just move the music folder first, then point.)
  17. twobikeminimum

    music folder M.I.A.

    Hi all, Just got a new iMac ( ) and a larger external drive for my iTunes music folder. I transfered the folder off the former drive on to the newer one, but now iTunes can't recognize it. Thing is, in iTunes preferences I chose the folder on the new drive (which it found easily enough), waited for the library to re-build itself, but then was not able to play any songs. All of them are now tagged with exclamation points. What's the deal here? All the music is there, but there's no way I'm going to manually "find" each song again. I also seem to run into trouble when moving my music folder, even though this should be a fairly easy procedure. (Right?) Any idea what gremlin is at work here? Thanks, David
  18. twobikeminimum

    new iMac high-frequency tones???

    Just picked up one of the new iMacs and have to say that I'm delighted with it (though a bit surprised at the fan noise... but no biggie). HOWEVER... the machine transmits high-pitched frequency tones through the headphone jack, somewhat akin to R2-D2 noises. I noticed this when using Soundtrack 1; often, when I pause a track or make a selection, I hear these frequencies through my headphones — almost like you get when taking a hearing test. They go away when I perform some other function (like play, for instance) but it's quite annoying and should not be happening. I've never run into this before with other Macs I've owned. Anyone else heard of this issue? David
  19. Hi all, I'm wondering if there is a way auto-expand the furthest right-hand column (when in column view) in the Finder window. It seems I'm always expanding that column manually to better read longer file names, so I thought it would be very convenient if there were a way for the OS to do this for me. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks! :-) David
  20. twobikeminimum

    WANTED: way to auto-expand column view in Finder

    Not exactly "auto expand", but I'll take what I can get Too bad this isn't a feature you can control through system preferences. It'd be great to not have to click or drag anything just to be able to read file names. Thanks for your reply!
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    showing hidden volumes

    Thanks for the tip about TinkerTool. Going back into Disk Inventory, however, I was able to locate the volume by selecting "show in Finder" from within the program. This brought up the "Volumes" folder which is not normally visible when you select "Macintosh HD". From there I was able to delete the files. Thanks for your help :-) David
  22. twobikeminimum

    showing hidden volumes

    Hi all, Today I used the File Directory X utility to find several large Tivo files that have been "hiding" on my MacBook. The utility found them, but they're located in volumes that I cannot find and/or access through the Finder. How in the world can I get to these volumes so I can move these files to an external drive? (I'm assuming I'll need to go through the Terminal?) Thanks... David
  23. twobikeminimum

    Issues taking MacBook to England?

    Excellent! Thanks, Graham. Fortunately I don't think that will be much of an issue :-)
  24. twobikeminimum

    Issues taking MacBook to England?

    Hi all, I'm going to visit my mother in London soon and would like to give her a new MacBook so we can video chat, etc. (She's way overdue for a new laptop.) Before I do, though, I'm wondering if anyone can foresee issues I might run into with bringing a "U.S." MacBook to England. I already have a power cord with the British-style plug, and I assume the power brick on the MacBook with take care of the voltage difference. But are there any software / compatibility issues that I'm overlooking? And if I buy the 3-year Apple Care package, does anyone know if the laptop can be serviced in England should something go wrong? (I remember that I was able to have my old iBook that I bought in Japan serviced in Hawaii no questions asked.) Thanks in advance :-) David
  25. twobikeminimum

    Clamxav and Word Macro virus

    Thanks, Graham. I did find one document that was infected, but my "Normal" doc checked out OK. I really should look into iWork again; I had the first version several years back and wasn't all that impressed with it — especially how Pages and Words docs didn't translate all that well. Cheers!