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  1. I need a way to be able to get Flash on a 400ghz Power Pac G4 tower? As always thanks in advance for your reply, Sebastian
  2. I need to know the best way to get the data off the drive, when I connect the drive, I get that warning: Ignore, Initialize or Eject. I always choose Ignore, the drive does not Mount, I have tried several things from Data Rescue 3, I want to know what is the best way to recover the data that still remains on the drive, would initializing help make it easier to get to this data? I am open to all suggestions. Thanks in advance for your reply, Sebastian
  3. I want to know what is the correct way to clone my early 2008 MacBook Pro hard drive, I own SuperDuper. I want to clone the orginal hard drive and then replace the hard drive with a new 7200 rpm, I have heard the best way to this is to clone the original hard drive, and then once the new hard drive is installed migrate the clone back to the new hard drive. Can someone either give me the steps to achieve this, or point where I can get detailed information on how to do this. As always thanks in advance. Kindest Regards, Sebastian ps. Happy Thanksgiving
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    I need help setting up iShowU. Everything I have tried and I am not having any luck, my main problem is sound. I am trying to record internet streaming video, using Compressor-H.264 Frame Rate-29.97. I am so unclear about the correct audio settings in terms of monitoring and capturing. Can someone please help me. I have read the manual. No help. Kindest Regards, Sebastian
  5. Yes it worked previously. They see them bu can not access them. It also shows up in Disk Utility, but all options are unavailable. I know there has to be a way to access the data from the drive be forcing it to mount.
  6. I have a LaCie 500GB hard drive that will not mount. I know it can be fixed. I have the following Mac maintenance programs: 1-Drive Genius 2-TechTool Pro 4 3-DiskWarrior 4 None seem to be workking. When I go to Disk Utility is shows up there, but all options are grayed out. Is there a way to access th drive from the Terminal. Thank you in advance for your response, Sebastian
  7. What is the best way in iTunes 7 to organize my music by an artist who has several songs that have appearances by other artist? I now have about 400 Artist, in my artist list. 1-Most of them are by the same Artist but with people who appear on their album as a special guest. What is the best solution for this? 2-The same Artist appear on someone else's album what is the best solutions for this? I would like to have as few categories as possible. When I have a track with 2 artist, how will iTunes handle both Artist or do I have to determine? If I choose 1 Artist, does this mean that when I search for the 2nd Artist that the track would not be found. Please help me. I want to fix my Library so I can back it up.
  8. I do have an external DVD drive, I tried that but it is not working so I would like to install using my G5 in Target Disk Mode, using my G5 as the DVD drive. Sebastian
  9. I have an external Lacie DVD drive. I have tried to install this way the DVD does not boot. Please tell me the steps I need to take to install Tiger on my G4 using my Dual Core G5. Thanks in advance for your reply to my Post, Sebastian