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    Library compare

    I have songs on my ipod that I don't have on my computer. Basically, I want a 2 way sync. But i can settle for a program that can compare the two libraries and report the differences. Then I can use something like senuti to sync. Once synced, then I can mange my library on itunes and sync to ipod as normal. Does anyone know a program that can report the differences?
  2. raisedbybeatles

    iPod crossfading

    Like listening to music from itunes, enabling crossfade can make your playlists even better , Like you are listening to a professional. Why can the ipod do this feature? Is it too resource intensive? Is it technically possible? What are your thoughts.
  3. raisedbybeatles

    iphoto Slide Show to .mac

    I created a slide show in iphoto 08. How do I publish it to .mac. I'm only using the trial of .mac. I have no other way for my friend to see the slide show other than mailing him a dvd or cd. I exported the slide show to a quicktime movie. But is 139 megs. Would like to stream it on .mac. Don't know how. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi you're my only hope.