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  1. stevewhodrums

    Family Tree Software

    See these posts: http://forum.maccast.com/index.php?showtop... and http://forum.maccast.com/index.php?showtop... Keep us posted on how the conversion goes. When I eventually by an Intel Mac, I'll probably continue with Family Tree Maker so my father-in-law and I can exchange files. Steve
  2. stevewhodrums

    NAS-Network Attached Storage

    Graham, I do not have the Extreme, so I cannot speak from experience. However, I have heard of problems using the MyBook's as external storage on the Airport Extreme. I understand the Extreme does not consistently mount the MyBook, at least with the USB MyBooks. Did you do anything special to make yours work? Are yours the USB version or the USB/FW version? Thank you in advance, Steve
  3. stevewhodrums

    iTunes Video is jerky

    Robert, I had this problem too. Click on your battery icon (top of your display) and make sure you have NORMAL or BETTER PERFORMANCE selected. My problem was I was running in BETTER BATTERY LIFE mode, which reduces processor power. Let me know if this works. Steve
  4. stevewhodrums

    safari crashing

    I've had Safari close unexpectedly on some of the Disney.com sites.
  5. stevewhodrums

    OpenDNS Question

    I just changed my router to use OpenDNS. So far so good, except for one thing: I used to type a single name in the address field of Safari, and it would resolve the address. For example, typing CNN would take me to www.cnn.com. Typing MACCAST would take me to www.maccast.com. Now, OpenDNS takes me to their search results screen where I must manually resolve the address. Is there a way to get the old Safari behavior back? Thanks in advance!
  6. I've followed these instructions (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301397), but have been unsuccessful. My PC is hardwired to my LINKSYS router (I opened port 5353 UDP), and my iBook is connected wirelessly. My HPDJ3420 printer is shared in WindowsXP Home. Following the directions in the link above, I get an error stating that the printer cannot be found. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Steve NOTE: It appears that Bonjour allows Windows to print to a Mac, and not necessarily from a Mac to a PC. When I run the Bonjour Printer Wizard, it appears to search for printers connected to a Mac.
  7. stevewhodrums

    Is a .Mac account worth the money?

    Remember, iDisk (part of .Mac) is a virtual drive (that might be worded incorrectly) on your Mac. So the files on your iDisk are also on your Mac. I guess one could turn off automatic syncing and your files will live forever on your local Mac. I've not tried it, so your mileage may vary. You could always manually copy those files to a 1GB USB drive. There are other perks to using .Mac, some I stated earlier, which exceed the benefit of simply carrying a 1GB USB drive in your pocket with files you might have otherwise put on .Mac.
  8. stevewhodrums

    Is a .Mac account worth the money?

    For me, .Mac is worth it. I picked it up on Amazon for ~US$80, which is roughly less than $0.22 per day (annually). The out-of-the box functionality of iDisk is worth that alone. Additionally, the iLife package integrates with .Mac quite seemlessly. There are other benefits, including free GarageBand jam-packs, and Backup 3x software. Yes - there are other options, and depending on how much you wish to geek-out, they may be perfect for you, and may offer other advantages more important to you. For me, the more simplistic, less than $0.22 per day option is perfect. Steve
  9. stevewhodrums

    Cannot burn to DVD

    PROBLEM RESOLVED: I brought my iBook to the Apple Store, and they shipped it to Texas for a new SuperDrive. I had it back in about five-days (shipped on Wednesday, back on Monday). Taken care of through AppleCare. Seems to be working now.
  10. stevewhodrums

    Reformatted my Drive

    I received my iBook after having its SuperDrive replaced. Before shipping it to Apple, I drag-and-dropped my Home folder to my USB external drive in an effort to create a quick and dirty backup. Upon receiving my iBook, I decided to copy my backup Home folder over my iBook Home folder, while logged-in to the same account. As I should have guessed, OSX was not happy with this. In fact, it rendered my iBook frozen, and unbootable. So, I decided it was time for Spring Cleaning, inserted the OSX installation disk, and performed an "Erase and Install" of OSX. At present, I've installed OSX, run the updates, installed iLife06, and have MS Office and a few others to go. I have NOT yet synced my iDisk. Here is my question.... What is the best way to get my application preferences from the backup drive? For example, in Safari, I had some forms automatically filled-in (usernames, etc), as well as Safari application preferences. Similarly, in iTunes, I had Import settings set just how I liked them. Etc. Will syncing my iDisk take care of this, or do I need to look into the Library folder from the backup? I believe I did have the majority of settings checked in the .Mac icon under preferences, meaning my Keychain, etc, should update to the .Mac site. That leaves another question: How do I ensure, however, that I use .Mac as the source, and overwrite my iBook? Thanks in advance! Steve
  11. stevewhodrums

    Managing podcasts...

    John, Follow the directions in this post (by JamesS), and read the post immediately following it. What you describe is exactly how I listen to all my podcasts.
  12. stevewhodrums

    New user questions

    Similar to what JamesS recommended, I have a Smart Playlist called "!Podcasts" which lists all Podcasts where the Playcount <1. This allows me to listen to my podcasts in the order they downloaded on my commute to/from work. Once I've listened to a podcast, iTunes automatically deletes the "played" podcasts the next time I sync in iTunes (of course I have to sync the iPod first, such that iTunes knows I've listed to the podcast). The Smart Playlist only shows the downloaded podcasts, and not those which are available for download. I believe this is a default action of the playlist.
  13. stevewhodrums

    Cannot burn to DVD

    I just tried a 8x Taiyo Yuden with the same results (ie, did not work). I continue to get the device "could not calibrate the laser power level." I'll take the iBook to Apple next week....
  14. stevewhodrums

    iChat Error

    I've only tried iChat with my brother, and consistently get the error described above. I have a PPC and he has an Intel iBook/MacBook.
  15. stevewhodrums

    Cannot burn to DVD

    I just tried a Philips, with the same result. I'll try a TDK.