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    iTunes 11 Home Sharing Drop Out

    HI all, Hopefully some of you have experience of this issue and can offer help. I have been a multi apple product owner for many years now and 3 years ago purchased an Apple TV 2 to stream iTunes library content from my imac (media content stored on an external drive) to my TV wirelessly. At the time I was using the latest iTunes which i believe was 9 or 10. Everything worked perfectly and I enjoyed watching movies from my iTunes library on my TV downstairs vis the Apple TV2. About a year ago Apple updated iTunes to iTunes 11 and immediately Home Sharing became an issue with intermittent drop outs occurring. The Apple TV would then reconnect to home sharing and I could restart my movie. At the start this occurred once maybe twice during the course of the film. I hoped Apple would fix this bug in an iTunes update but I am now on 11.0.3 and it is worse than ever. The home sharing drops out multiple times during the film and could be up to 2 or 3 dozen times, making the film unwatchable. Since that time I have also purchased a second APple TV (3) for the bedroom and it occurs on that one too. The drop out can occur after a few seconds or I could get up to an hour of viewing before it drops out. There does not seem to be a pattern. It occurs when the mac is active and when the screen sleeps. Intensive google searches has found this to be a widespread problem and lots of people offer possible fixes including altering the router settings and security settings. I have tried all suggested fixes and non of them make any difference. It does seem to be a home sharing iTunes software problem requiring a fix from apple. But there is no indicatino anywhere that apple recognises this is a problem or are working on a fix. Does anyone have any information on this issue, possible fixes and if Apple are working on any software update to fix this. My system is an intel 2009 iMac with media stored on 4TB external drive, 2 x Apple TV's (2 and 3), BT home Hub new Router and wireless connection. I am in the UK. ANy help would be appreciated. Thanks Jason
  2. Jason Fletcher

    iTunes 11 Home Sharing Drop Out

    I mention the above question as I wonder if it is the HH that is the problem as iTunes updated as per my original post at the same time as i moved to BT infinity and many posts in forums mention issues with BT HH. Problem is Apple say it is BT's problem to fix and BT say it is Apples...Result - No FIX!!
  3. Jason Fletcher

    iTunes 11 Home Sharing Drop Out

    Any one know if swapping my BT Home Hub for the new Apple Extreme will solve this issue and can I use the Apple Extreme in place of the HH?
  4. Jason Fletcher

    iTunes 11 Home Sharing Drop Out

    It worked perfectly before the iTunes update and I've not after trying all fixes have left all settings as they were before
  5. Jason Fletcher

    iTunes 11 Home Sharing Drop Out

    It's mixed to allow B G and N