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  1. theunluckydip

    Macbook SOS

    My macbook has deicded it doesn't want to boot. For no apparent reason my macbook will no longer boot from the battery. I hear the initial harddrive noise and the light on the bottom right comes on but that's it, i get nothing more, just a blank screen. Intially if my macbook plugged in, it would work, as long as i take the battery out. But now, since putting in the mac os x cd my macbook wont even boot without battery. I've tried getting the cd using the various methods and that doesn't work. I've tried swapping batteries with a friend who also has a macbook and my battery doesn't work on his macbook, but strangely his battery works fine for him, but doesn't work in my macbook. any suggestions as to the problem are appreciated.
  2. theunluckydip

    Deep Sleep on laptops

    Simple... put your macbook to sleep, from the apple drop down menu, then when the light starts to flash hold down the power button, after a few seconds this should put your macbook into a deep sleep
  3. theunluckydip

    macbook useage time

    I'd just like to ask the forum, do you believe there is a limit to how much time you can leave a macbook on for, and time would you say? i only ask this because i could realistically spend about 6 hours at a go on my mac, but i worry about doing this because of the heat-sync problem. i still worry despite the fact i know i'm covered and that their is a fix.
  4. theunluckydip

    Just an Idea

    Most of the time i use my ipod for music, which is great. But sometimes i like to listen to podcasts and audio books. i most often use my iPod when i'm out and about, so quite often dont finish listening to my podcast/audio book. What annoys me is that if i turn my ipod back on and decide that i want to listen to music and come back to my podcast or audio book later i have to try and guess where i stopped it. Surely apple could release a software update which allows you to save stop positions on podcasts and audio books.
  5. theunluckydip

    Dock customisation

    Does anyone know any good sites where i can get different dock skins at all? help is appreciated
  6. theunluckydip

    WMV Converter

    Does anyone now any good and free video convert software? I'm a recent switcher to mac and have a lot of wmv files I'd like to edit with iMovie. The only good thing i can find is flip 4 mac, but really I'd like, if i could, to find a free option your help is appreciated
  7. Hello, I've been using my Macbook now for about 4 months , and i can happily say i cant see myself ever purchasing a PC system again. But because I'm a new user I'd like to know firstly what maintenance do you do regularly carry out on your systems and is there any software you guys could recommend i use to help keep my mac in good shape? I also wanted to know how much storage space do you get on a .mac account and can it be used just as standard webspace?