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    First off, I'm a musician. future rockstar?probly not. I am very intersted in politics, domestic/international. I have always been a sucker for electronics and high-tech stuff though I missed the boat on learning any programming. I've been a computer user since I was 4 and my first computer was a Digital Rainbow, with a four megabyte hard-drive and 1200 baud modem. Anyone remember SCRAM? I've always loved computers and secretly desired a Mac then finally got lucky after November's election (2006).
  1. firewalk13

    Sleep is not an option?

    So, it's been a LONG time since I've visited and I'm happy to see that the forum is doing well. Sadly, I felt drawn to post because of a really unsatisfactory experience I've had with my Non-retina MBP 15" that is about 8 months old. After upgrading to mountain lion, i couldn't get the display to come back on after going to sleep and I'd have to force power it off then back on to be able to use it. I tried resetting the SMC per the advice on the apple support forum which worked for one day. Then every time I'd put it to sleep it would happen again. I thought a sleep function that worked was one of the best things about apple/OSX. I called apple care only to be told that I was doing it wrong and should always power down the computer when i'm done using it and that programs like Mail could corrupt the OSX if it were checking for mail when i put it to sleep. I exclaimed surprise to the tech since this has never happened before in my 7 years of having a mac portable with various forms of OSX. His only remedy is to reinstall the operating system. The tech also didn't think I should bother backing up before I reinstalled. Am I losing my mind or am I really doing it wrong. Has anyone experienced the same issue? I've posted about my experience on the apple support forum too as my conversation with apple care was just a few minutes ago.
  2. firewalk13

    Snow Leopard - Parallels 2.5

    that was it, I forgot about the application support directory. Since I switched to a mac 2 & 1/2 years ago I think I've needed to look in here only once (a testament to how trouble free it's been). thank you!!!
  3. firewalk13

    Snow Leopard - Parallels 2.5

    Hi Folks: I updated to OSX 10.6 knowing that it wasn't compatible with paralells 2.5. Unfortunately, though I figured I didn't really need it anymore and haven't been using it in months and months, I figured I could just dump it anytime. The problem is, I'd like to free up that space on my hard drive but I have no idea where to find it to dump it... I guess I should have thought about this a little more rather than being so blase about it and going ahead and installing snow leopard. Can anyone tell me where the virtual machine is hiding? Thanks!!!
  4. firewalk13

    My new baby!

    Hi Folks: I felt like I should do my due diligence so here it goes: I've been wanting an iphone since the first rumors started way back when (ok a couple years ago). I had a Verizon contract that expired May 30, 2008 so I knew I had to wait, and suddenly the stars aligned and Apple gave the official date the new Iphone would be available and I knew it was to be. Next, I realized that I had scheduled my vacation and was going to be in Chautauqua, NY and was momentarily horrified that there would be nowhere to get the IP3G (there is NO close Apple store). Fortunately, AT&T did an excellent job at listing what stores would be carrying it and I found one here in Jamestown, about 15 minutes from the summer cottage I'm staying at. I went in Wednesday to talk to them and tried to get a feel if there was going to be a wait or not. A lot of people had been coming in inquiring about the IP3G and several, I was told, said they were going to camp out. I said I'd be damned if I'm going to miss this opportunity and decided to go early in the morning (I got there at 5:45am). When I got there, a couple of college kids were camped out with blankets, camping chairs, and their macbook which was running off of an outlet at the strip-mall where this store was located and were receiving wireless from the tire company next door. I was third in line. I sat, drank my coffee and at a unmentioned terrible for me breakfast product and waited. An hour later we were a group of 4, watching as the AT&T employees showed up, starting around 6:30pm. In this store they had 5, check out stations. Everyone was very friendly greeting us, 5 total by 7am, and all the employees had showed up. At 7:30 they came out and began to get some basic information, were we porting numbers or new customers, our names, which phones did we want, and our place in line. At ten till we were queued and ready to go. The second 8am hit, we were in. They asked all the basic questions for the credit check and then asked which plans we wanted, if we wanted an accessory bundle (car charger, case, bluetooth ear-pierce). Then the porting process began and that took a few minutes. Finally, they went to activate and the system hiccuped. The poor AT&T guy had his first technical hitch. I waited patiently while their national tech support tried to do something I guess, eventually they decided to just start over and that worked. Following activation, they their own special sync with the Itunes store. After waiting 10 minutes for it to complete, we were notified that the Itunes store had crashed but my phone was ready to go. The itunes store is still down as I speak but I have my phone, it's active and I am super happy. I'm sure itunes will be sorted out relatively soon and the moment I've been waiting years for is here and now. Super thrilled. Please share your experiences. I would definitely like to hear them!!! BTW, I chose the 16gb white phone and it's beautiful. White was by far, the most popular for everyone I watched getting their phones as I sat and chatted with the friendly guy I worked with (everyone was very professional and I'd waited long enough I did not mind at all waiting an extra hour). I left the store at 9:05 am.
  5. firewalk13

    WWDC Keynote

    I'm kind of peeved that you can't buy it online.... I don't want to wait in long lines or have to wait 6 months due to low production....
  6. firewalk13


    Amazing! Talk about a blast from the past. I used to have Zork on my Digital Rainbow 100 computer.... I'm sure it's around somewhere.
  7. firewalk13

    New Mac Clone?

    My thoughts exactly Adam.
  8. firewalk13

    What made you fall in love with a mac?

    I fell in love with my friend's mirror door g4. Well that and somehow keeping a dell pentium III running for 6 years led me to mac...
  9. firewalk13

    Mac Book & Dell Monitor???

    my macbook works perfectly with the 19inch dell flatscreen monitor i have
  10. I've convinced my dad to get an apple laptop. He was never very computer literate and is a danger to their windows laptop. I think it will suit him much better.
  11. firewalk13

    Names for the "spinning gear"

    I second the Wheel of Waiting, but it should be the W.O.W. for short.
  12. firewalk13

    Leopard Dropping WiFi?

    I wish I could narrow it down some more. My Wifi gets dropped much less frequently at home than at my friends (my network is wireless G and my friend's wireless N.) Her newer (Rosetta) macbook doesn't have this problem. I do note that at home that sometimes it doesn't pick up my router which it is assigned automatically. I think that is perhaps due that mine doesn't broadcast it's name (can't remember what that is called techinically)
  13. firewalk13

    What Happened To Boot Camp?

    I've had no fear using Windows XP on my macbook via Parallels. I do you anti-spyware and ESET Anti-Virus (ESET is not memory intensive.) The nice thing with Parallels is you can tell when you want it to be connected to the internet. I have it set up so it's always disabled when it first starts up.
  14. firewalk13

    Hot Macbook?

    Ok so the fan cranked up. Scared me for a minute. I'll have to keep an eye on that.......
  15. firewalk13

    Hot Macbook?

    So I'm sitting here with my macbook. It felt hotter than normal so I looked at Istat. It seems to be hotter than normal, usually when when the CPU is 145 the fans are up more than 2100 rpm. If anyone else notices this let me know. thanks.