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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

  2. Bainzey

    Let me see your Mac!

    If you mean the lacie grey one. I recently bought 500gb one for 99 euros. Bargain 320gb in the shop is 80 odd euros aswell! Prices on External Hard Drives are coming down pretty quick, its only about a year ago I was looking at 320gb for 150-250 euros! I also have a mybook [black with blue light] its ok, 320gb, tad noisy at times.
  3. Bainzey

    Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    In the UK. Malteasers ad. All the England Rugby World Cup games, our team had macbook pros on the side line. Quite a few movies have them too, gotta rattle my brain to try and remember.
  4. Bainzey

    Great site

    Very interested in your show [Looking at the URL!!] Thanks
  5. http://blogs.moneycentral.msn.com/topstock...oliday-bet.aspx Just read some of the comments below it, interesting to see what the General public think of Apple.
  6. Sadly, that link didn't help. Anyone else know? I kinda need it for a design, urgent!
  7. I am referring to the Apple Logo that you can type on MSN etc. Its like an alt code or command code, I forgot it though Its just a black or whatever colour your text is apple logo, I need it for a wallpaper I am making.
  8. Bainzey

    Apple Myths

    The only thing that I always get in the neck about is that you cant use .pub & publisher on a mac I realllllly need it.. I have to do all my iGCSE coursework on Parallels!
  9. Bainzey

    Adam Christianson Honerable Mention on MacTech 25

    Congratulations Adam ** Waits for his speech **
  10. Bainzey

    Broken Macbook or Macbookpro Power Adapter

    I have one......... Interested?
  11. Bainzey

    Post your iPodified photos

    lol....... Never seen this before?
  12. Bainzey

    Mac or PC Music Video!

    lol I downloaded this of MacOrPc.org a while ago, good video.
  13. Bainzey

    Show off your Desktop

    Yea, I love it... I have only ever been to 3 different ones. [Kingston, R.S, and B.C] but I go to the regent street one.. 2-5 times a year. Love it. I could spend hours in there lol EDIT: In the mac store, PS of leopard on a 24" iMac!! W000T! Will have leopard installed by tonight. YEY!!
  14. Bainzey

    Show off your Desktop

    I would........... but.. im only gnna be in the UK Thursday - Sun. Wish I could lol
  15. Bainzey

    Show off your Desktop

    My Desktop, I get leopard this friday - when i go to Regent Street Apple Store <3
  16. Bainzey

    Show off your Desktop

    Haha Some of these desktops are amazing, I feel like im kind of under achieving, i have clicked a few links and I am currently editing mine !! Fingers crossed it will look half as good as some of these!! I am JEALOUS!!
  17. Bainzey

    How much apple stuff have you bought?

    haha! 1 MacBook [black] 1 MacBook Pro [ Top End] 2 Mighty Mouse 1 Old Keyboard 1 Aluminum Keyboard 1 Mac Mini [Core 2 Duo] 1 iMac [No the black one] 1 Airport Express 1 Airport Extreme Loads of Apple cables [Mini-DVI etc] 4 iPod Nano's [1 Red, 2 Black, 1 Silver] 1 iPod Video or w/e [30GB, Black] 4 Apple Care 1 Leopard <3 Millions of Frontrow remotes!! 1 MacBook charger 1 Old Big-ass MacBook charger [ Apple don't have any of the new ones for replacement?? :S!! Mental!]
  18. Bainzey

    New site up

    Not too keen on the layout to be honest, if you have the money, you can get a freelancer designer to make you one, or if you know how, DIY. Good content though, Impressed, I have tried to get a news site up, Never had the time! [DailyTechnology.org]
  19. Bainzey

    Aluminium Wireless Keyboard

    Odd... I have purchased one recently too, and I love it.. it reminds me of my MacBook keyboard and it's slick, stylish and goes well with my mac mini & BT mighty mouse. No interference so far (touch wood) and i love how after a while of it being on and nobody has typed it turns itself off, my other keyboards don't! Good work Apple!
  20. Bainzey

    Show off your Desktop

    Woah, I am amazed this thread is still here, I must have started this ages ago. Surprised its not stickied to be honest!! *hint* moderators..
  21. I have got 5 of my friends to switch. 4 Macbooks and 1 Mac Mini! They are all so happy with them.
  22. Bainzey

    BIG MacBook Problems! :(

    My MacBook's battery is dead. It says its not there, I am currently having to run off the adapter. Has there been any problems with anyone else's battery? Its only... 4 months old. It's a real pain! Do you think im covered? I have Apple Care... any idea?
  23. Bainzey

    BIG MacBook Problems! :(

    Hi, Just an update! I took it in to the Apple Store in the UK. They gave me a new battery. Also... Apple are offering solutions for this problem as of the 27th of April. You heard the problem first from me Thanks for the great help
  24. Bainzey

    BIG MacBook Problems! :(

    Thanks for that, Obviously I would deal with apple UK. The battery actually started having this problem 1-2 months after buying it. I shall give them a call ASAP. I hope that I am covered, £200 or however much AC is I hope it was worth it!
  25. Bainzey

    Show off your Desktop

    Here is my current one!