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  1. Bainzey

    Im thinking of going windows!

    Well Said... I Agree with all the replies..
  2. Bainzey

    My Desktop...

    New desktop: Thanks for all the help guys.. What do ya think?
  3. Bainzey

    My Desktop...

    I made the wallpaper to make my pc look a bit cleaner!! and put all my programs in that folder " Programas "
  4. Bainzey

    Core 2 Duo Mac Mini soon?

    Yes IMac and Mac Minis are Great for the money.. and to alot of people cost is a big issue. I think you should wait till Apple bring out the Core 2 Duo, because there is nothing worse than getting one now and in a week Apple bringing out a core 2 duo version. Sit tight and wait Only my opinion!
  5. Bainzey

    Switcher With Questions!

    Oh ok Good Thanks for the information. Also.. I am just wondering if anyone could reccomend some MUST HAVES for MacBooks.. as i am selling my 2 512MB ram sticks and with that money i would like to buy something for my mac. Any suggestions?
  6. Bainzey

    How Vista Didn't Copy OSX?!?

    The guys taking the mick right? Vista is a complete copy i mean its ridiculous! Its aggrovating to think people are going to buy it!
  7. Bainzey

    Switcher With Questions!

    Update: I recieve my Macbook on Christmas Day (25th December). I got the exact spec that i originally said. 2GB ram 120GB Space Black My Dad went to the mac store and got it and also bought me a sleeve for it. I am going to the UK this friday so once i get my MB on Monday i might take a trip back to Regent Street and maybe do one or two lectures. Just a question in which is vital at the moment. Does iLife come with the MB? I ask this due to my father telling me that there was no disk for ilife with it.. so if its there its gotta be pre-installed. Any MB owners know if it does?
  8. Bainzey

    iPhone Released!

    Haha.. i was listenening to the Maccast and adam said something about this. Wow.. :| Maybe a poll to what Apple is going to do?
  9. My mate needs 2 512mb sticks.. and luckily.. i have them and i am going to give them to him for about 100 euros (80 euros off) This is for his mac mini... these were originally for my black macbook (bought 3 days ago) but i paid the extra dosh for 2GB ram.. Is the memory in the Macbook the same as in the Mac Mini?
  10. Bainzey

    MB or MBP Communities

    I was just surfing around and i found some nice communitys for macbook users! Some of you might already be there.. but.. i thinks its great as it only looks at MacBooks. www.123macbook.com I searched and it looks like this hasnt come up before. Anyway check it out! Also there is one for mac mini etc. www.123macmini.com etc.
  11. Bainzey

    RAM Upgrade

    Thanks cherry.. i just realised i made a topic asking about this.. thankyou for re-assuring me.
  12. Bainzey

    Age Of Empires 3

    1) Yes it should.. the only problem is the integrated graphics. Its about £30.. i am getting it for my MacBook 2GB ram 120GB space. It works on the MacBook, but not to the best of abilities.. it would work better with say a imac.. this is only due to the graphics. 2) as i said above £30-40 on amazon.. and there is some nice little deals. I have got it.. but i will not recieve till christmas day. The game is truely amazing.. and as far as i know there is 2 more age of empires to come out.. 1 set in the future and one based on now.. the next one out is present time wars type game.
  13. Bainzey

    Memory(RAM) on Mac Mini the same as MacBooks?

    ah he is using a Intel.. He got it.. about.. 1/2 months ago! Do you think 100 euros is a fair price for 2x512mb?
  14. Bainzey

    LiveMB.com Just Opened!

    No the server was slow the other day.. its fine now.. its because some pillock was uploading and people were downloading a file in which was like 1GB!
  15. Bainzey

    LiveMB.com Just Opened!

    Hey guys.. Not sure where to put this but it might appeal to some of you. www.LiveMB.com This is a site in which a canadian friend of mine Paolo has just opened! its a forum about everything! Earn Live$$ each post then spend em in the shop! its really fun and as its just opened get there a.s.a.p to be one of the first posters! Anyway Just a reccomendation! Thanks Bainzey
  16. I was there about a month or less ago.. and the lecture area was downstairs near the entrance! Nice to see it back
  17. Bainzey

    So petty I'm not even sure I should mention it

    Yes i realised that beatles thing i thought what?! Yea they grew up in liverpool and are nothing to do with london Yes.. the UK does have more than 1 city.. and no before you ask.. you cannot see the eiffel tower from London.
  18. Bainzey

    iPhone Top Ten

    Personally.. i prefer the first one.. just due to it being more stylish.. and keeping more with the apple handheld theme. They are both cool designs if either were produced i would like them!
  19. Bainzey

    My Desktop...

    Its idea is sort of based on a mac. I also have the file for vista.. just dont have the time to put it on this PC. As soon as i get my mac i wil update.
  20. Bainzey

    Mobile Phone of Choice...

    Well as i dont live in the US.. i dont know the answer to the provider.. but if you want a stylish phone, look at the MOTOKRZR K1 its VERY nice! but if you are looking for something more to store data and to be more for work...Look at the Sony erricson P series.. (search sony ericsson p) Anyway.. just some ideas! I am not sure aboutcompatibility with a mac for either... as it doesnt say.. but they are both phones maybe you should go down to your local store and ask about.
  21. Bainzey

    anybody hear like The Office?

    The Office US. is just a complete copy of the Original UK one.. The UK one is funny.. the american one just simply sucks.. I have all season 1,2 and xmas specials of the UK one and it RLZ just cant compare it!
  22. I said No. Simply because.. i think Apple are filling a better market. A stylish proffesional look. You pay for that look. Also.. adding colours will in my opinion be dreadful.. people want nice "clean" Macs none of this cheap coloured stuff! I dont think people will buy coloured ones and Apples theme at the moment seems to be set.
  23. Bainzey

    Web Hosting

    Whatever you do get nothing from 1and1. How much space and bandwidth etc. are you looking for?
  24. Bainzey

    Switcher With Questions!

    Mm ok.. Any other opinions on the Black Tax ?
  25. Bainzey

    Switcher With Questions!

    You can get 1.5 gig ram? :S Also.. i reccon this spec is the spec i will get.. 2GB Ram 120GB Space Colour: Black Do you believe in Black Tax? Annoyed as i mssed the Black Macbook sales!!