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  1. Bainzey

    How long will this last?

    They have changed it back to the school site now! So a few days...
  2. Bainzey

    iBook and PowerBok Support

    I was lookingaround earlier and read this article: This is new for me.. but.. apple are doing some sort of free exchange program for them.. so if yours has this problem go here This has probably been meantioned i searched for it.. but no luck.. so i thought i might as well post it anyway!
  3. Bainzey

    New iPod Shuffle Commercials

    Yes.. The new ad is nice.. a normal ipod ad!
  4. Bainzey

    Old Macs..

    Mac Classic II - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Retro-Vintage-Macint...1QQcmdZViewItem 20 OF THESE BEASTS! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/20x-Apple-Macintosh-...1QQcmdZViewItem Now you see how that guy with thousands of old macs got his! Only £30 for 20!!
  5. Bainzey

    How long will this last?

    I put 1 day to a week as they can be quite slow on picking up sites. Also usually they give you 24 hours to get rid of all the content that violates the acts an if you dont do it in that time.. they speak to your host. ( I know i have been contacted about people running illegal vB on my server etc. ) Anyway so my guess is that.. could be longer!
  6. Bainzey

    It's been about 6 months since I got my Mac

    Great Story! Its wierd how a large percentage of the storys we hear are Happy customers.. i would love to see the microsfot forums with a "Switcher Stories" i doubt it would be popular.
  7. Bainzey

    Switcher With Questions!

    Old One: Sorry for those who missed out on the amazing stuff ! I had to make the black and white one just for the complainers
  8. Bainzey

    iPods on a plane

    That is a very good point... Got an idea on how you can stop people watching innapropriate stuff? Well then i reccomend you go to the Microsoft forums.
  9. Bainzey

    new mac site and podcast

    The site is down.. im guessing the whole idea is over? Care to share what happened with us? Regards.
  10. Sorry to drag up an old post.. but just out of curiosity.. Hows it going? Whats the name?
  11. Bainzey

    Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo

    Thanks for that great review. What memory and space did you go for? (If you dont mind me asking)
  12. Bainzey

    Apple Store Crocker Park - News Blog

    Interesting.. still no movement?
  13. Bainzey

    Intel Core 2 Duo pic replaced by Core duo pic..

    Yes.. its still an issue.. i am sure someone will soon realise. Good find anyway.
  14. Bainzey

    The ultimate Mac collection

    1 word.. Lucky. Its like a Mac Museam! Amazing.. but i must admit i am a tad jelous! Im guessing your a bit of a collecter ey! Nice
  15. Bainzey

    Switcher With Questions!

    I asked questions about the macbook if i wanted feedback on my siggy.. i would have asked. Anyway.. Thanks for the answers guys..
  16. Bainzey

    What time is best?

    As Adam normally says there is no "best time" to get your mac, but my question is.. Should i get my MacBook Now (Ready for christmas) or should i wait until after (After hearing rumors of leopard being released)??
  17. Bainzey

    What time is best?

    So basically the majority think its best to buy ASAP? The reason is.. i dont want to get it and then 2 weeks into having it, leopard or new processers come out and make me think oh ****!
  18. Bainzey

    What time is best?

    So you are saying i should get for xmas? Any other comments?
  19. Bainzey


    Hey.. the only thing i feel the forum is missing is the Reputation. If someone does a really good review you should be able to rep them.. (There is a mod to do this) and if somebody is a spammer and says a load of rubbish, you give them minus rep. Just an idea.. used in most vB forums not sure if it works on IPB but try!
  20. Bainzey

    MacBook Protection Pack For 13" MacBook Review

    Thats Interesting.. might get that for mine. Thanks for the Review