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  1. According to the workers at the Regent St. store, The 8gb model and the white 16gb model arn't selling as well as the 16gb in Black. They had loads of them and hardly any black 16gb, because everyone asks for it. The regent street Apple store now has a constant flow of iPhones and everyday they are signing people up.. the queue is about 3 people long.. but there are 8 staff at a time, so the wait is max. 20 minutes.


    Hope you all pick your iPhones up soon!

  2. A note to the user above.. I currently live in Marbella, Spain and I got so fed up I bought it in England instead.. I have had my name high up on the waiting list since day 1 and received no phone call. I have been to every store within an hour (by car) of Marbella. It's crazy in Spain, according to an article I read, only 6 iphones were delivered to the Madrid store (the biggest store in Spain).



    Just bought mine, 16gb in Black, picture of hte rgt st store off my fathers iphone :) In and out within 45 minutes (including waiting in the queue)



  3. Touching story, I have had a similar experience. It was on a cold winters day, in my house in England. I fell asleep on the sofa infront of my Dad's iMac G5 and I woke up with it lying next to me and anti-virus on my body. It converted me and now theres no need for protection. We love eachother.

  4. This is my fav. office application. I prefer it to iWork and Microsoft Office. It's so simple and quick. I have iWork and Office 04 + '08 and they honestly do not beat it for class work, and quick homeworks!

  5. haha I love the Art toys icons and the Creatures. I have like 500 icons, so I have already started on changing all my programs icons.


    The ones that are shown are..


    Pink - Adobe Fireworks CS3

    Blue - NeoOffice


    I added another one now, but you will have to wait till next time to see it!

  6. Hey Fellow Geeks!


    I am into web dev. and I have run many sites, but this time I am thinking of setting up a mac blog/site or forum OR! Both.


    Anyway, I will need a few geeks to help.


    The first stage is.. to see what to do, so vote in the poll attached.


    The second stage is.. to post a reply or PM me to say whether your interested, maybe add your AIM/.Mac/MSN/Skype and state your experience etc.


    The third stage is.. I choose a certain amount of Mac geeks to help with the project, and we begin!

    NOTE: The forum would be vbulletin [i have an owned license]


    Contact information:

    eMail; Alex@Bainzey.com

    MSN; Alex@Bainzey.com

    AIM / iChat; Bainzeh

  7. I see you have the same backup drive as me. I'm thinking of getting another display too, but I'm having a hard time bringing myself to get a non apple display - even though I KNOW that the Dells have exactly the same LCD in them.


    I'm such a fanboy :(


    [edited to fix a dumb typo]


    If you mean the lacie grey one. I recently bought 500gb one for 99 euros. Bargain :D 320gb in the shop is 80 odd euros aswell!


    Prices on External Hard Drives are coming down pretty quick, its only about a year ago I was looking at 320gb for 150-250 euros!


    I also have a mybook [black with blue light] its ok, 320gb, tad noisy at times.