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  1. ketsugi

    DWL-G122 USB Wireless-G adaptor

    If I was the one using that computer, I might like having the accurate report. However, as the main users of the Mac Mini are my mother and sister, non-geeks either of them, the signal strength indicator is just flickering text across the top of their screen and is rather irritating. My complaint isn't so much that the signal strength indicator updates too frequently (though that's part of it), but that there's no way to customise it or turn it off.
  2. ketsugi

    DWL-G122 USB Wireless-G adaptor

    I just posted a brief(ish) review of D-Link's DWL-G122 802.11g USB adaptor. If you don't want to follow the link, here's a summary: Looks like shit Drivers are crappy Doesn't work very well Don't buy this. http://ketsugi.com/panegyrist/the-dwl-g122...gain-no-really/
  3. ketsugi

    Smart Playlist help

    I don't think this is possible. It requires if-then structures that are not available with Smart Playlists. How I wish Apple would let us advanced users construct playlists with SQL-like SELECT statements...
  4. I recently bought a 20" Intel Core 2 Duo iMac, with the stock 1GB of RAM. I'm beginning to realise that's not nearly enough memory, and I'm considering my upgrade options. I know that I can buy off-the-shelf PC memory to put in the iMac, and I read elsewhere on the forum that I should be looking for PC2 5300 SODIMM DDR2 667. Is this correct? The other question I have is: how many RAM slots does the iMac have? I know I currently have 2x512MB sticks. Do I need to buy two new 1GB sticks and throw out my current RAM, or is there another empty slot for me to stick in a 1GB stick of RAM? Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. ketsugi

    Name this app! ...please?

    Thanks! That's it: Synergy. I remember installing this now. The odd thing is: it actually doesn't seem to be installed on my system. The installer didn't detect it (but I installed and uninstalled it anyway) and Spotlight isn't revealing any Synergy-related files on my system. Yet the keyboard shortcuts are working and the track notifier is showing up. Any ideas? I'm an idiot. The settings were in Quicksilver. Thanks everyone for trying anyway!
  6. I need some help. Early last week I installed an iTunes helper utility that let me bind global keyboard shortcuts to play/pause and rewind/forward songs, as well as for rating songs. It also displays a bezeled song notification when the track changes, like Growl. The problem is, it doesn't use Growl. And now I have Growl installed, I prefer to use the iScrobbler/Growl notification instead. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to remember what this helper utility is, or where I installed it, or how I can uninstall it. So I'm turning to you guys. If anyone happens to recognise this app, and can tell me what it's called and how to uninstall it, I'd be very grateful. Here's what the notification looks like (the one in the middle; the one at the bottom is the Growl one). As you can see, it sometimes even gets the track wrong (the Growl one is the correct track) so it's not only redundant, it's also completely useless.
  7. So I just bought my 20" iMac, and am extremely happy with it so far. I really love how iCal and iSync can work with my Nokia 6280 via Bluetooth to sync up my contacts and calendars, and with Address Book's BT features I can even send SMSes and make/receive calls without having to touch my phone at all. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to receive SMSes, or rather, Address Book doesn't seem to notice when there's an incoming message. I get the window dialog for incoming calls, but not for incoming SMS messages. This isn't a dealbreaker by any means, but it'd be nice if I could figure out how to get this working. Looking at the Help file for Address Book it seems that this should be happening automatically, but for some reason it just isn't. Any ideas?
  8. ketsugi

    Should I wait to buy an iMac?

    Thanks to everyone who replied. I've bought the iMac and blogged about it, as well as posted the requisite unpacking photos
  9. ketsugi

    Should I wait to buy an iMac?

    Right... so pbcovers.com is a totally NSFW site that features Playboy cover girls. Think you might want to doublecheck the URL for what you meant ...
  10. ketsugi

    Can't shuffle podcasts. Why?

    That's a good idea, Sparky. I'll have to try that and see how it works. It doesn't explain, however, why iTunes refuses to Autofill any podcasts onto the new Shuffle at all, forcing me to drag them directly in if I want any podcasts on my Shuffle.
  11. ketsugi

    Should I wait to buy an iMac?

    Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. I'll probably be getting the iMac next week and just spring for the Leopard disc in March or April or whenever it comes out. If I lived in the US I'd have tried for the Black Friday discounts, but no luck for me it seems. At least I have two sisters in school so I can get it under the educational discount.
  12. ketsugi

    A REALLY stupid iTunes question

    How exactly does this work? I notice the export only gives you an XML file; do I need to make sure that the music folders on the Mac are exactly the same? Or will it somehow find the music? Should I add all the music to the Mac's iTunes Library before importing the XML file?
  13. I can understand that the iTunes Music Store needs to be locked to the various regions because of the restrictive nature of music licensing. I don't like it, but fine, whatever. However the problem now is that as an international iPod owner, I am unable to create an account on the iTunes Music Store, which means I can't buy any of the new iPod games. Surely the games are not region-locked? Is there any way around this besides buying an iTunes gift certificate online?
  14. ketsugi

    Can't shuffle podcasts. Why?

    Trium, that does not work. I also bought a 2G Shuffle hoping to use it for listening to podcasts while cycling or jogging, but it seems that the new Shuffle's firmware refuses to recognise podcasts. I've tried dragging them in manually. After letting the iPod finish updating all the "songs", and ejecting it, when you turn it on and press Play the Shuffle's LED will blink to let you know there is no music on the Shuffle, as if the Podcasts weren't there at all. If you use Autofill, iTunes won't even copy any podcasts to the Shuffle in the first place, so it seems the problem isn't just with the Shuffle but with iTunes as well.
  15. I've been dying to get a Mac for myself for a long time now, and now that I have a work laptop I figure I'll get a desktop, so the iMac it is. However I'm wondering about the timing. I know that Adam is always saying to buy the Mac that's right for you at that time, and that any new software/hardware upgrades released after you buy your Mac isn't going to make your Mac any less useful, but surely noone can deny the pain and disappointment of seeing a hardware revision soon after you buy your Mac, or a new OS X release after you buy your Mac, right outside the free upgrade window. With Christmas around the corner, Macworld in January, and Leopard supposedly being released in March, should I buy a new iMac now? Should I wait to see if there are any holiday promotions? Wait for the Stevenote in January? Or buckle myself in and wait for Leopard to be released, which could be a good 4 months away? I'm almost leaning towards getting it in December and springing the extra cash for Leopard when it hits 10.5.1 or 10.5.2, but what do the rest of you guys think? I'm just worried that Steve may pull an Intel on us again and release Leopard early, which means I get to relive my experience when I bought a G4 Mac Mini for my sister about a month before Tiger was released (and the upgrade window was set to 15 days back).