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  1. boyblitz

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    Did i forgot to say. 10 months later i got apple to replace my motherboard and its working. They took my computer in for repair at southampton, they run a diagnostic check told me nothing was wrong and i could come pick it up. I refused to collect it until they replaced the motherboard to see if bootcamp would work (& resolve other problems according to my theory). They did not do it tho until i spoke to the manager out of pure luck and confused her with made up techy lingo.
  2. boyblitz

    Personal bad apple support blog

    Replacement logic board on its way at last
  3. Hi all just thought i would post my blog on my support experience to date. I don't post on here much i normally just read. I'm really looking for my angel to come along and advise me with my sticky situation. Mondays approaching fast and i expect a call from the store manager about my imac (well i consider it faulty). http://applesupport.blogspot.com/ Thanks
  4. boyblitz

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    When i run parralels the screen freezes and it tells me to turn off my computer in seven different laungages. As for the keyboard protection that is what i will be doing from now on i think. I wish i bought the skins for the mouse, keyboard and remote at mac expo. Nevermind. Thanks guys/girls
  5. boyblitz

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    Ok Josh. I will break this down into sub sections. But in short there is no solution just a long aukward silence which is all i have got from apple support. Just a rant on defective goods. But its being repaired now i hope so dont worry josh. This apple is not getting thrown out the window. Bootcamp Ok Bootcamp. Right when i install bootcamp and follow the instructions of the app all goes well except when it asks me to reboot so it can then load up the windows install cd and install windows. For you see what happens is thusly. The computer chimes i hold alt so i can force select the windows install cd (to be safe) and the screen goes black with minor graphical glitches like horizontal scanlines and the computer starts working on somemthing. So to see what is happening i plug in an external monitor. When i do this i am greeted with the windows install screen. So i go through the process on the external monitor. Ok windows is install and it is now working on an external monitor. So the next step is to install the drivers. Which i have had to do in the past for so many years before switching. I used to be a dev and make apps on windows (shhh) so i like to think i got this stage perfect. Now the drivers are installed i restart with no external montior and the screen is still black and it stays black right from boot up all the way through to loading the os. So i plug in external monitor and play some more and still no luck. Now some reason it seems 1/3rd of 24 inchers seem to have this problem. But apple will not do anything as bootcamp is beta so im stuck till the release of leopard for a fix and obviously i cant get a replacement for a newer revision which will work. What is interesting is these odd scanlines i get the same problem within certain apps such as eyetv. A little huntch tells me nvidia have made a bad batch of cards or there is a slight change in the config of cards and apple devs are working hard on the solution (I hope). Screen Buzz Ok this one i hope is a simple problem. When i turn down my brightness i get a loud audible buzz. So i keep my brightness up and wear sunglasses. To fix this i have given this to my local service place who is working on this fault ready for next week. *Note i have turned down brightness on other 24's and i dont get any noise nore does the reseller that sold me the computer get that problem in there store. Pink, Brown, Orange keyboard, mighty mouse and apple remote For the past two months i have been in contact with apple on this matter. My keyboard compared to the G5's we have in the studio is of poor quality. The inks on the keys are wearing off and look like they have been printed badly. Im a heavy user so i expect this but i use the G5s more and the keyboards there are sparkling white, well printed keys and they get extreme abuse. My main problem is the colours. It seems like my accesories have turned multiple colours but it does not wash off. The weirdest one is the remote. I have used it like 5 times yet it is stained. I dont smoke, i have been advised by apple to wash my hands as im a designer and may use an inkjet and toner once in a while and i have been asked to keep my curtans shut in the day which i do. Summary Well done for reading this far. To sum it up i have only recieved support for my accessories which hasa taken to months for a call back only to be asked the standard questions and interigation of the apple techs. I have provided my valid answers and im waiting for a call back on the verdict. The screen buzzing is being fixed by my local authoried service center and the guy will give the bootcamp problem a look at. Imho the company is much nicer than the apple geniuses who are normally cool people but also a little rude. Im in ireland next week so i will not be affected by the repairs but hopefully all will end well soon.
  6. boyblitz

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    Now there is no need to be hating because im trying to run windows to play some old games. I call it best of both worlds. At the end of the day i cant make more developers make games on the mac. Sure i can keep buying games and hope for more games to be running transgamings cider but till then i will try and dual boot.
  7. boyblitz

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    Interesting. Thanks. The bootcamp issue is a problem that 1/3rd of systems suffer from. But since its a beta there is not support. Josh. What i find odd is your a mac geek god but yet you obviously havent heard that when trying to install windows using bootcamp on some imacs there are display issues that stop you installing xp unless you want to use an external monitor. I wish i could install the right drivers but i cant mate i just cant even get the windows install screen to display on my ultra cool 2 foot screen.
  8. boyblitz

    Sleep light on iBook G3

    Wait a sec the ibook does not have a sleep light on the button does it. Duhhh sorry but yeh should bee a loose wire.
  9. boyblitz

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    I am just about getting fed up with this damn computer. After waiting months for my 20" imac because they released this 24" imac i greedily swapped to get one of the first 24" imac systems. All im getting now is annoying little things. Loud hard drive, some really annoying dead pixels which just seem clustered, performance which my g4 powerbook could match, bootcamp gives black screen when i try to install windows to play games, screen buzzes when i turn down brightness. But the most annoying thing of all. After 3 odd months of usage i have discovered my apple accesories are turning pink, brown and yellow. Thing is i dont smoke and i wash my hands before using my computer. Its a bit extreme but after have my powerbook bubble up from the acid on my hands i was not going to risk it twice. http://www.zen18931.zen.co.uk/formacman/Site/Photos.html Any ideas on these annoying stains that dont wash off guys and girls? Also do you think i will ever get bootcamp working? I try to avoid contact with apples tech support as they are mainly asain and dont understand my langauge. My nearest store is also 150 miles away. I miss the days of irish tech support on the phone and a mail in service. Brad *edit* I forgot apple store looks almost finished in southampton. Perhaps i will take it to genius bar there when the door open.
  10. boyblitz

    Sleep light on iBook G3

    Had the same problem with my old g3 ibook and my current powerbook g4. Just press it in when it is sleeping and it should come on. Just a loose wire. I would no repair it as when my powerbook went in for repairs for a new optical drive they fixed my sleep light and 1 month later it is back to the same inconsistancy. Just so you know. I sent my powerbook 12 G4 in for repairs a while back as the screen was going magenta and they replaced the optical drive, a few cables and a new keyboard. Not sure how that fixed my lcd. I still got the £400 bill. Thank god the warrenty paid for that.