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    Repair permissions problems

    Hi, So i am running 10.5.1 and repaired the permissions (it took a long time, but this has been reported in the apple discussion forums). This was my result: Can anyone tell me what these messages mean and if I screwed up my computer somehow? My mac has been running a little weird for a while and I am considering a erase and install. Thanks for any input!
  2. Bob Dylan Forever

    Thinking about buying a new Macbook pro

    Hi, I am planning to get a new macbook pro before christmas and I am wondering if Apple will come out with any new updates soon. I remember a long time ago on the maccast loop, Adam was describing one of his favorite mac-websites that makes predictions about when new hardware might be coming out. Does anyone remember that website?
  3. For some reason, after i installed the iTunes 7.2 (iTunes Plus) update, iTunes propmts me to enter my iTunes store password when the program opens. It says its doing this to "check" and see if i have any purchased (but not fully downloaded) items that need to finish downloading. I dont like doing this everytime i open iTunes. Any help? Thanks!
  4. Bob Dylan Forever

    entering password when iTunes opens?

    To start, I just looked in my iTunes preferences and I do not have the "automatically check for pre-purchased content" checked, so that probably isn't my problem. But thanks for the ideas! Ill look to the discussion threads next.
  5. Bob Dylan Forever

    Better Dictinary for MS Word 2004?

    Does anyone know of a plug-in for MS Word 2004 that is better than the default dictionary? I do a lot of scientific writing and Word often is illiterate and does not know many words! I like Tiger's Dictionary, that works great, but i hate switching back and forth. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Bob Dylan Forever

    New mac question!

    The way it works is like this. Lets say you a big folder full of music. If you import (drag into iTunes) your music, iTunes keeps it organized for you, and you can delete that big folder you had. That way you only have one copy of your music. But dont worry about trying to go through your iTunes music library folder in the finder to find songs, instead browse through iTunes and just drag a song file onto the desktop. This will copy the song to your desktop. you could then send it to someone, then delete it. your song is always safe in the iTunes music folder.
  7. Bob Dylan Forever

    Making Finder's View Options stick

    I want my finder's view to always be in "columns". But that after I clean my cache or install a fresh copy of OSX, the finder view always goes back to the default "icons" view. I know in the finder preferences I can choose to "open new finder windows in column view" but that view does not always stick. Any suggestions? Thanks!