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  1. maccastjoe

    I work.com

    I downloaded i work 09 to try out the new iwork.com beta i took one of my contracts sent it to the cloud and after the fact realized it was http:// not https:// SO can it be that APPLE is asking us to send our mac ID's and passwords over the net with no encryption . I have been looking for an answer and haven't found one yet. I do have a new password now. Joe
  2. Bill Gates being sold shoes and at the end asking if the PC's could be made soft and edible, I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. One thing they can only go up from here. But I think MAC and PC have nothing to worry about.
  3. maccastjoe

    maybe 3 g phones soon

    Mac OS ken said this in a recent show that all 3 NYC Apple stores are out of i phones, usually when items come into short supply a new upgrade or product is not far behind
  4. maccastjoe

    Spotlight in iPhone?

    no spotlight, no contact search, actually no search at all right now
  5. maccastjoe

    New Macbook

    I ordered a mackbook for my daughter last night (old specs) I just checked order status and they shipped an updated machine
  6. maccastjoe

    iphone sms size

    one of the iphone podcast had an email from a iphone user snd he said it would only let 1000 messages to be stored on the phone and there was no way to get the messages off the phone. Personally I think once leopard gets here there will be a lot of new functionality added to the phone. My guess is that last row of icons will be itunes, pages, numbers and keynote. joe
  7. maccastjoe

    Apple Stock Falling Like Crazy

    Look at apples chart what have seen is the iphone hype being taken out of the stock price. the stock is now back to pre i phone levels and I think its ready to restart its steady rise. I have owned Apple stock since 2001 and I have been very happy and I am not selling. You should the whole market went through a correction I think everything is going to be ok at least until the end of this year. I would expect the market to be back in the same area it was a couple of weeks ago. Remember do your homework when it comes to investing. buy high sell higher
  8. maccastjoe

    I haven't bought an iPhone yet because...

    W have 2 and we love them Price maybe a little step but its much more then a phone, on our recent trip we left the lap tops behind and for 2 weeks we ran 2 small businesses from the phones I pod memory - with the use of playlist I keep 2 to 4 movies a few hundred songs and enough podcast to keep me listening for days. No GPS thats a good thing, GPS would suck the battery dry, I sue a garmin Nuvi in the car and I have several other garmins for hiking and geocaching. No flash support, I agree with you there some, but so far it has not been a big problem with my web surfing Data speed - considering the amount of data being pushed to the phone the edge network has been a pleasant surprise. I still have my verizion phone and where I live their net access is dog slow. The feature I thought I would never use is google maps, boy I was wrong I use that almost daily for looking up business names and getting phone numbers (like steve jobs showed when he called starbucks) So after a couple of months I can say this so called phone is one of the best handheld computers I have ever seen or used. Joe
  9. maccastjoe

    iPhone Questions

    You can use the speakers on the phone to listen to music, I wasn't impressed with the sound quality and volume, It might have been because I was in the store with one of the demo models
  10. maccastjoe

    Getting Things Done (GTD) on the iPhone

    So far looking at the discussions on the apple web site, to do list from calendar program do not copy over and also all calendars are merged so you can't have separate ones. I played with one at he AT&T store for an hour I went there at 6:45 pm eastern (all 8 gigs sold out, they had plenty of 4 gig phones) It looks like you can set it up to sync noyes in the contacts program. I just wish there would be a way to do some minor document edits.
  11. maccastjoe

    Back up question

    I will take a look at the program, Thanks
  12. maccastjoe

    Back up question

    That is what I thought would happen so its better to do full backups and then delete the older ones. right?
  13. maccastjoe

    Back up question

    I should understand this but I am confused, I am currently using .macs backup to do daily backups. The first back up was a full back up and the file is on the external drive. Then every night it does an incremental back up so I have a list of 30 incremental backups. Can I delete all but the most recent incremental backups? My gut tells me yes. I have looked at supper duper But It ask me if I want to erase the destination drive and I don't because I have other info on that external drive. I guess what I am looking for is a backup program that will just backup my home folder, I-tunes (not just purchased music I have 28 gigs of music), and I-photo to an external drive. Thanks Joe
  14. maccastjoe

    tons of ! in itunes

    When I put my I-tunes on an external drive 28 gigs, I had the same problem, So first I made sure in the advanced pane of the preferences menu I had the new library location chosen. Then I did consolidate Library (found under the advanced menu) The last thing I did was - under the file menu I did the Add to library option. Since then I have not had any ! points and I tunes has remembered where my library is. Its been working fine for about 5 months now Joe
  15. maccastjoe

    Lost now in wide screen

    I was looking through the I tunes store and it looks like the trailers for Lost are now in Wide Screen not the 4X3 format last weeks show was. I am not sure about the resolution but it sure looks a lot better on my computer screen, there is a huge difference between last weeks and this weeks shows. Maybe the High deff shows everyone is waiting for is now on the way. Maybe I can see an Apple TV in the near future especially after listening to Adam's review of the eye -TV and using it like a TIVO Joe