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    Request for tip: Open New Mail window with hot key??

    Hi, I set up the Automator script to do this. But how do I assign a hotkey to execute the shortcut? I've tried saving it as an application tun it from the dock. I've also tried saving it as a plugin. but none of these allow me to use a keyboard shortcut to run the script. Thanks! Phil.
  2. philipsoo

    Cinema displays-- 20" vs 23"

    I ended up getting a used 20". It's really nice.. much brighter and vivid than my old Powerbook G4 screen. For this price, though, hopefully it won't get any dimmer over the years.
  3. philipsoo

    Request for tip: Open New Mail window with hot key??

    That's a good idea thanks! One reasonably quick trick I've discovered that works when the Mail application is already open is to click the mail icon, hold down the mouse button for a couple seconds, then drag down to Compose New Message. I'll try automator tonight. Phil.
  4. Hi folks, Anyone know how to set up a hot key to open up a New Mail window? I would love to be able to configure this hot key to work from any application, including Finder. I've tried setting it up from the System Preferences but it will not allow it to work from any application. So many times, I'd like to shoot off a quick email to someone, and it always takes a few mouse clicks--not convenient. Given how much all of us use Mail, this would be a really welcome tip! Any ideas? THanks, Phil.
  5. philipsoo

    Cinema displays-- 20" vs 23"

    Hi folks, Anyone out there have some thoughts on the quality of Cinema Displays over time? I've heard that LCD quality has in fact gotten worse as the LCD panels become mass-produced. Anyone know if getting a new display is a good idea versus getting a used one from eBay and saving $200 or so? Also, does the pink hue problem still plague the 23" model or has this problem been solved now? I'd love to hear from anyone who owns one. Thanks for your feedback! I'm leaning towards getting a used 20" model right now. Phil.