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  1. I have just bought a MacBook with Lepoard and an Airport Extreme. I installed a hub to the USB port and connected the printer and a HD. I can see the HD and use the printer. According to the video on Lepoard I should be able to see all the computers on the network and if I select one can input the password for the computer and be able to share files. I cannot see any of the other computers on the network. Note: I have not been sucsessful at seting up shared folders with my previous router and have not attempted to set these up with this router. Can someone please provide me info on how to make this feature work. Thanks Russ2300
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    Time machine across network??

    I called Apple yesterday to ask why Time Machine cannot find the hard drive connected to my Airport extreme. I was told that Time Machine can only backup to drive connected directly to the computer. I was very upset. I bought a MacBook the day Leapord came out with an Airport Extreme and a 500 GB USB 2.0 HD so I could use Time Machine on the laptop. The purpose of having a MacBook is so I am not tied down to cords etc. Now in order to back it up I have to connect an external Hard drive directly. How stupid is that.
  3. The firewire cable was what I needed. Once I plugged it in and opened imovie importing the movies was easy to figure out. Thanks all for helping me out.
  4. Hi: I have been an apple users since I bought my first 030 mac. I have never subscribed to .mac because I do not belive that it provides me much bang for the buck. I know apple tries to get us all to subscribe more and more with each update of ilife. If apple provided free updates to the OS, ilife, and iwork with the .mac subscription. I would subscribe for $150/yr. This way all of my computers would be running the latest software from apple instead of having: 10.4 on my G5 machine with ilife 06 and iwork 07 10.2 on my G4 machine with the original ilife OS 9.2 on my G3 ibook My wifes parents have macs because of me and they also would subscribe to keep their G4 mac and G3 imac up to date as well as use the .mac service. Just think if every mac household paid apple $150 per year how much money Apple would generate. These mac users would be happy knowing that they are running the latest software that their hardware would support and apple would have a steady cash flow from current mac users for the updates and the .mac services. just a thought russ 2300
  5. Hal: Thanks for the input. I just bought a cord on ebay for $4.00 with shipping. I will let you know if I can get it to work once the cord arrives. Russ2300
  6. Yesterday I recived in the mail my new camcorder (Panosonic PV-GS300) and the users manual has software and drivers for PCs. when I connect the camera to the computer iphoto opens and the photos can be downloaded which is great just like hooking up my camera. My problem is I cannot get the video transfered to the computer I tried imovie and read the tutorials and it mentioned that I need to connect the the firewire port of the computer. The camera did not come with firewire cables. I am running a G5 imac OS 10.4.8 and imovie HD 5.0.2. So how do get my video loaded into my computer. Do I need to figutere out how to return this camera? Any help on this would be greatly apprciated. Thanks russ2300