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  1. Ryan Duffy

    iPod Buying Advise

    My current 1G Nano broke the other day and the price to repair is bigger than the price of the Nano itself. I am thinking about buying either a 2GB Nano or a 30GB 5G iPod. I am really interested in a video playing iPod, but also loved my previous Nano because it is small and compact. I am not sure which one I should buy. Heres what I like and don't like about each: Nano Good: Really small, will hold just about all my music, great price, light Bad: Can't hold all the podcasts I would like to have, does not play video 5G Good: Plays video, holds well over what I would ever need, thin Bad: No widescreen and pretty small screen for video, price is good but I'm paying to much for capacity that I won't use, a lot bigger than a Nano I am a huge video podcast fan and love the video quality of the 5G. I bring my iPod to school and just about everywhere I go, so the smaller the better, and I need good battery life. Price isn't that much of an issue because I just had my birthday and have a lot saved up, but paying less could never be bad for a 13 year old. If anyone has any experience with any of these to players, can you please give me your opinion on what I should buy? Thanks -Ryan
  2. Ryan Duffy

    Visual HTML Editor

    I don't really want to learn how to write HTML, I know the very basics, but for a huge site that I run, I'm going to need to use a visual HTML editor. I guess frontpage isn't that great, it has lot's of bug, but you have to admit, it's fairly easy to use and has a few good features. Ewww... Did I just defend a Microsoft product? I'm not a worthy Mac geek... -Ryan
  3. Ryan Duffy

    Visual HTML Editor

    I want to start using a visual HTML editor for building my website. I really like frontpage, which is just about the only descent Microsoftware besides Excel that is somewhat good, but I need something good for a Mac. Anything that offers similar features. I searched around Google and found some things that looked okay, but I wanted to ask the Mac community before I buy anything. Thanks, Ryan
  4. Ryan Duffy

    Ubuntu with Boot Camp

    Thanks! Actually that was exactly what I had to do. I then just had to delete that partition when I got to the Ubuntu installer and it was freespace. I could easily install Ubuntu to that empty space. I just had to install something by entering something into the terminal at a certain point during the installation. I used this guide to help me. If there is anyone out there who is also interested in Ubuntu on a Mac, I highly recomend it. By the way, I did run a backup. I always make sure I do before doing anything that might risk my computers hard drive. -Ryan https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook It says it's for Macbook, but it works on anything.
  5. Ryan Duffy

    Ubuntu with Boot Camp

    I want to use Ubuntu as my second OS on my MacBook. I had it working with the CD, but now I want to install it. I can't do it manually with the partition table in Ubuntu installer, but I know how to use boot camp. Also, I though maybe it would work if I made a partition in disk utility and then went back into Ubuntu installer. I'm really confused. If anyone has any experience, can they please tell me what to do? Thanks. -Ryan
  6. Ryan Duffy

    Vistas my default OS...

    I don't know why I said that... Guess I just wanted people to see why Vista was my startup disk so they could help me.
  7. Ryan Duffy

    Alternative Dock

    Quicksilver is without a doubt the easiest, fastest, and most elegent way to open applications and do tons more. It does take a while to use, but I got the hang of it in a week and I'm 13.
  8. Ryan Duffy

    Vistas my default OS...

    Yes, on my MacBook, Vista is my default OS. You probably think I want it to be but I dont!!! I can't make Mac OS X become the default OS anymore so now I have to hold down option everytime I start up. I knew how to fix this problem in XP but not in Vista... (I also don't know how to do it in Mac OS X) (For XP I had to do some startup disk thing).
  9. Ryan Duffy

    Why I won't get a mighty mouse

    When you were describing your Microsoft Mouse, it sounded like my amazing Logitech mouse. It's a really sleek, comfortable mouse that has two programable buttons, I use one for Dashboard and the other for Safari. It's one of the best mouses I have ever used, I defeninly like it way better than Mighty Mouse, the only thing I hate is that its not bluetooth and it has an enormous ugly USB wireless thing that you have to use and I can't stand it. I'm always bumping it and it takes up one of my two USB ports. Logitech does have a couple Bluetooth mouses, but the one I got was like $20.
  10. Ryan Duffy

    Leopard should just kill vista...

    Yeah I guess that would be cool. I would still always use Mac, but theres some Microsoft stuff that I like, like FrontPage and Publisher, but some stuff is just terrible like Internet Explorer. I'm a really snobby Mac geek... By the way, I meant to put this under Software Stuff, not Network/Internet Stuff.
  11. Okay, just about everyone except Bill Gates agrees that Vista is just an unstable version of XP with makeup all over it, and leopard is Apple's chance to destroy Vista. Vista copied many of the main features of Mac OS X, so I think Apple should copy some of the few things that were original about Vista. Apple should allow you to turn on translucent windows, like they used to use with Jaguar and before. Mac OS X did have that feature first, Vista brought it back, so it would just make Microsoft so mad if they gave us that feature back. Apple should give you the ability to put Widgets on the desktop. Actually there is a way to do this by turning on the advanced features of Dashboard, but it should be easier to do. Give FrontRow a little more functionality. Front Row is a lot nicer than Media Center, but Media Center does have a couple features that Front Row doesn't have. If anyone else has any other ideas for Leopard to use against Vista, or just stuff that you think would be really cool for Leopard, please post it here.
  12. Ryan Duffy

    My awesome MacBook

    I have been a Windows user for ever, and stood with it. I used to make fun of my friends Mac, just because I was acting like a stupid stereotype. I made fun of it for so long, but now I completely regret that... I have been a Mac user for fairly long, a couple months now. It all started when I wanted a laptop to do homework, browse the web, email, whatever a Windows PC could do... I wanted some terrible Dell Inspiron cheapy $400 laptop, and once I figured out how bad it was, I decided to upgrade to the Dell Inspiron E1405. I didn't have much money saved up at the time, so I had a while to change my mind. As I waited for my "beloved" Dell, I got so fed up with my Dell desktop running Windows, that somewhat as a joke, I said "I'm getting a Mac because it won't get viruses" and then I began to get more series, I did some research on Apple.com, and relized that a Mac is the computer for me. I'm really into music, graphics, movies, etc. and not a huge gamer (occasionally I play a couple games but for that I just boot to XP). At first, Ireally wanted a MacBook, and I waited for so long. I asked my parents if they could lend me some money (I'm 12, not some 25 year old calling my mom begging for money) but they wanted me to earn it myself. Then I decided, what the heck, I'm sick of waiting, I have enough for a Mac Mini. It was small and close to laptop size, but it kind of defeated the movie in the car purpose. I switched back to wanting the MacBook, saved a little, and now I'm using my MacBook 2.0 GHz Core 2 duo White. I love it. It is the best computer I have ever used. Well maybe the MacBook Pro is, but this is smaller, so I kind of like it better. Thats my switcher story. -Ryan
  13. Ryan Duffy

    Top 10 Mac Apps for New Users

    I have a question about Quicksilver: So many people say Quicksliver is a great app, and I am a new Mac user an it was mentioned many times on this thread, but I also hear it is a very powerful app. Does this mean it will take up a large amount of RAM on my computer. I have 1GB of RAM, and it usually fills up pretty quick... Thanks -Ryan
  14. Ryan Duffy

    Who should be the new "Mac" in Apple's ads?

    I have three ideas (even though the Mac guy isn't leaving YES) I think it should be Adam (the creator of this site) Veronica Belmont, or Amber Macarther. Those are the top three.
  15. Ryan Duffy


    I'm also sort of in the same situation. I'm only 12 and I think Macs are like the most amazing thing ever. To earn my Mac, so far I have done tons of babysitting, worked a paper route for two years, sold my PSP, dog sitting , made videos for my neighbor and I still need money for Christmas. I'm saving up for a 2.0 GHz White MacBook. I go to the Apple website and the physical store all the time. I know I will like it!!! Aren't they the best things ever??? Someone email me and tell me there the best things ever... ryanduffy@adelphia.net.