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  1. myoung6923

    Sync MAC w/ a Cellphone

    I have Verizon with a Motorola v710 bluetooth. While it doesn't natively work with iSync via bluetooth a very small .plist tweak fixes it. iSync works like a charm.
  2. myoung6923

    isight ... video chat

    AOL's free instant messanger (AIM - AIM.com) will do nicely. I use it a lot to video chat with my brother who has a *cough* PC. It works fine. Although, PC users don't get the nice big window that we Mac *sticks nose up in air* users do. You use ichat & they'll use AIM - they play well together.
  3. myoung6923

    It's worth a shot!

    I prefer walnuts
  4. myoung6923

    Video Conferencing Between Macs & PCs.

    Use AOL's AIM. With Jaguar it should work fine as long as you are using the latest version of AIM. I used to do this a lot with no problems whatsoever. That is... until I upgraded to Tiger - now I can't video conference with ayone at all. Well that's another story that hopefully 10.4.2 should address.
  5. well, another great example of why to get the extended warranty. I've heard a lot of similar stories. It seems that usually they just replace it instead of fixing it. My father is the all time slayer of iPods. He started out with a 10 gb 1st gen iPod which died after a year. They only had 15 gig models to replace it with so off he went happy with his new free upgrade. A year after that, the same thing - he now has I think a 40 gb 2g iPod - I think he had to pay bit for that upgrade though. I think that it must be cheaper for Apple to just replace them than it is to repair them. Maybe they refurbish the used ones? Hmmm...
  6. myoung6923

    3G iPod & Bookmarking

    A lot of the podcasts from the apple music store and audio books from Audible and the Apple music store are bookmarkable by default. if you want to convert a file to be bookmarkable then first convert it to AAC format. Then use this cool little script from www.dougscripts.com called appropriately "Make Bookmarkable" to make the new AAC file bookmarkable: http://www.dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/...akebookmarkable Sync the new file to your iPod it will always resume where you left off last time you stopped listening to it.