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  1. jasonium

    Apple TV questions

    so you can't just put a dvd in your laptop and stream it to apple tv. lame lame lame. the masses will not wait to rip a dvd using handbrake just to watch it. Just unlock it already and let us stream our desktop to the apple tv.
  2. yep - a simple reboot will fix this problem it seems to be when transferring from an exisitng WEP or WPA to a new network, the computer gets confuzzled.
  3. jasonium

    DHCP issues with Linksys WRT54GS router

    look - routers are not OS specific, only the support staff is. installing DD-WRT should fix the problem, i just did it tonight as i wanted to quintouple my wifi range and set up a hotspot for my neighbors. Sputnik is bundled with it, everything is running a-ok, and the configuration could have been done from any OS. i haven't posted here for several months, and its still the same people throwing tantrums about router manufacturers not catering to their needs.
  4. jasonium

    cross platform video chat

    except that the AIM users on windows will only have a postage stamp sized video window.
  5. jasonium

    Norton Antivirus and Firewall

    formatting the hdd is a little "windows" mentality, even though I agree that norton does bore quite a radioactive hole in the OS. I use appzapper before taking drastic steps. http://www.appzapper.com/ **edit** - appzapper requires tiger.
  6. jasonium

    Cleaning my Macbook Pro

    there has got to be a way to blame lcd streaks from windex on a linksys
  7. jasonium


    Don't get your panties in a bunch. Here. http://www.thinksecret.com/news/0609imac80211n.html and here http://www.tuaw.com/2006/09/25/core-2-duo-...1n-wi-fi-cards/
  8. jasonium


    Now that Apple as announced that the new computers will be shipping with 802.11n cards, and there is a lack of base stations on the market, I predict a new release coming out soon. The new linksys are pretty hideous - PS - what is the Plural of Linksys? Linksi?
  9. jasonium

    Things We Don't Hate In Windows

    I really like the ability to connect to a ftp account and read+WRITE from explorer. In OSX, you can only read when you mount a ftp volume. You have to use 3rd party software to write. Windows directx is superior to quartz for gaming. Quartz is superior for anti-aliased graphics. I keep them side by side, and as far as the cases go they both look pretty slick.
  10. jasonium


    it wouldn't make a lick of difference. you can only cram so much water thru a small pipe.
  11. jasonium

    New in 10.4.8: Zoom Using Scroll Wheel

    that is awesome
  12. Haivu to play your wma files in OSX, simply download flip 4 mac. Microsoft made it free. http://wearethemedia.com/2006/01/11/flip-4-mac-4-free/
  13. jasonium

    Remote Desktop

    I use timbuktu pro version 8.6. The latest version uses skype to get thru firewalls, and the symbiosis allows for high security and very easy use. I just finished a 3 month road trip using it full time to access my home server from the car with no problems at all. Skype is free, and timbuktu was around 100 bucks.
  14. here is a pretty good list of adaptors that can work, most using linux drivers.
  15. jasonium

    Connecting to University's FTP

    OSX will not allow you to write to a ftp directory. Therefore I use fetch to do this.