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    modify BASH profile

    Open up a terminal and type "open .bash_profile" If you don't have this file already, just create an empty text file. Add the following line to the end: PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin Save it and type "source .bash_profile" to load the environment.
  2. Don't know the answer. I would like to know myself, but I gotta jet in a couple minutes before I can try and test. I assume you are using Tiger and can use diskutil mount <drive>. This seems more tedious if you don't have the console open at any time. In the past, I have been doing the same powering up to get it redetected.
  3. dino

    Is Tiger faster after the 10.4.5 update?

    Not sure what happened, I must have been trying to do too many downloads or something and it got confused. I can't reproduce the error. Anyway, I am happy with this snappier update.
  4. dino

    Is Tiger faster after the 10.4.5 update?

    It does seem faster with Safari. Somehow 10.4.4 really screwed up for me and I would have to double click to follow a link. The page would load really slow too. Unfortunately, I am having some problems with iTunes. The application loads up fine, but then I noticed I didn't need a particular podcast show anymore and tried to delete it. I answered the first prompts that I was sure and then got greeted with another deletion prompt. It didn't really say what file, so I said no and there goes the infinite loop for this message. I'll try repairing permissions and test other applications, but I never really had problems with an update until now.
  5. dino

    Flash movies to ipod

    I have used iSquint with FLV and I think SWF before.
  6. dino

    World of Warcraft

    Thanks for mentioning Warcast. I didn't know there was such problems with player queuing that the guy was waiting for 50 minutes to logon. Is Dragonmaw an overloaded population or one of the new servers that Blizzard is trying to balance the load? I'm probably going to get the game soon ... planning to become a favored priest.
  7. dino

    Blogger Editing Software?

    I think Flock has some blogging features. I haven't tried it myself but it's free.
  8. dino

    World of Warcraft

    That's probably why I never hear about the game on this forum ... they must be too busy playing. I was hooked with MOHAA and NWN for quite some time so I know the addiction. After googling on this topic some more, it seems pretty tame compared to the Sony rootkit that attaches to the kernel. I will probably use a different login just to keep my private stuff away.
  9. dino

    World of Warcraft

    My friends have recently started playing World of Warcraft (WoW) and some of the recent news have me concerned -- The Warden. I want to join in on the fun but is this "spyware" on the Mac as well. Does anyone play WoW and has analyzed what's being transmitted back to Blizzard? Is it protected with encryption or data is sent in the clear?
  10. dino

    iweb issues!! Cannot upload files via ftp

    Also how big is the website you are uploading? It also maybe that your ISP has a limit/quota on how much can be placed there for a user. Otherwise, the only other thing I can think of is that your session is timing out. Have you contacted your webhost support?
  11. dino

    iweb issues!! Cannot upload files via ftp

    OK, I created a blog page to test and it uploaded fine using Cyberduck. I didn't do anything fancy on the blog, transferred as it was with only a title change. Could you, or have you tried alternative FTP apps? Here's the one that I use: http://cyberduck.ch/
  12. dino

    Screen not refreshing on some apps

    Thank Matt! Zapping the PRAM did the trick.
  13. dino

    iweb issues!! Cannot upload files via ftp

    I had an FTP problem when trying to upload a filename with spaces using Cyberduck. It was a bit odd that it didn't work so I changed the title of that page to a single word and it worked. For a simple test, create a new site with an "About Me" standard template and try uploading that. It sounds ridiculous for a program not being able to handle spaces, but who knows what's happening on the host.
  14. I'm not sure if this is hardware or software, but since it is a display issue on the PowerBook G4 on 10.4.4 ... To the problem. When I "drag & drop" my MOV file over to iMovie to do some editing, the screen glitches and throws a black, unrefreshed square at the top, left corner. It doesn't return to me unless I move my mouse, drag a window over there, or snap it back via Dashboard. Also on perhaps a similar note, when I use DiskUtility to get info on a CDROM and need to scroll down the text becomes scrambled. None of these things are holding me back to continue to use the apps. However, it is bothersome to know that the GUI isn't functioning properly. Could people conduct these 2 tests and let me know if this is indeed an issue everyone's experiencing?
  15. dino

    Long-term storage of laptops