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  1. Hi All I live in the Uk and i have some dvds form the US and Canada. I was wondering if there was any easy software was to view these on my new aluminum imac. I do have a region free dvd player and i was thinking of hocking that up as a last resort with an elgato product. Any ideas would be welcome. Dan
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    Thanks for the replies I checked file sharing and thats on with AFP. I also checked the firewalls on both macs and I have my firewall set to Allow only essential services. We are on the same network. I am really stuck. How can this be so hard. Thanks Dan
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    Hi Guys We have two iMacs in our house both running Leopard and we also use Airport Base Station. We both have sharing on. I would like to set up a LAN to transfer files. The other iMac appears in the finder but when I selecting I get told connection failed. Could you let me know what setting I would have to set up a LAN. Thanks Dan
  4. Cool thanks, I was not sure I was going to get a reply. On an side note, don't you just love how when Adam finishes up an interview he asks what programs people are using. I have found this very interesting and useful, it also adds an edge. Dan
  5. Thanks for such a quick reply So dose that mean that the widescreen aspect is only aplyed if you have a moniter that is widescreen? Dan
  6. I would like to buy a Mac mini to replace most of the things I do on my pc. All Mac's are widescreen and I was just wondering what happens when you connect the Mac mini to your 3rd party monitor that is not widescreen. Do you get black bars on the top and bottom of the screen or is this handled by the DVI connector and VGA adaptor? Dan