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  1. Rick Castle

    New windows open behind

    FOUND THE PROBLEM!!! After all this time I finally found the answer. Strange that it came to me just after I posted this message after thinking about it for months. The problem was actually a feature of a system preference add-on called Mondo Mouse. It is a great mouse pref but has one odd feature called Focus Follows Mouse. There is a time setting for this feature which in after the predetermined time, one second in my case, the equivalent of a single click occurs making what ever window it is over the select window. So, it was not that the new window was going to the back, it was that the mouse cursor was still over the primary mail window and brought it back to the front. It was the dock that let me to figure it out. When the mouse was brought over a dock icon that was open but minimized the app would open in a window after one second. If it was hovered over a dock app that was not running then nothing would happen. I then suspected Mondo Mouse and after checking all my other Macs found that this feature was only active on my wife's Mac. Lesson learned, always check your preference pane for add ons when a problem randomly appears and is not resolved by a reinstall of the OS. Rick Castle Clifton Park, NY
  2. Rick Castle

    New windows open behind

    The question is why did this start? It did not do it from new or even from an OS upgrade.
  3. Rick Castle

    New windows open behind

    My wife has a black Macbook C2D 2.0 and a while ago she started have a problem under Snow Leopard that is persisting under Lion. It is mostly obvious in Mail. When opening a new mail message it will briefly appear as the front window then immediately of all the way to the back. If multiple apps are open it will go behind all of them. While checking on it today I also noticed that when opening certain other apps they will do the same thing, pop up briefly then go behind all other open windows. I have searched for a folder setting that may have been changed by accident but I can't find it. I even tried a re-install under Snow Leopard a while ago but what ever the problem is got carried back over with migration assistant. I'm hoping to prevent a need to wipe and clean install everything just to get rid of this one annoyance for her. Any suggestions?
  4. Rick Castle

    Google Maps Locate WAY off!!!

    It may just be my particular phone but anyway... When I go into the Maps app and hit the locate button while I am outside the GPS in the iPhone is really accurate, right down to my driveway. This is expected because to use GPS you need a clear view of the sky. With the old software It was within a few blocks using the cell tower triangulation method. Now, when I hit the location button while inside my house it is WAY off, like 1000 miles or so. I thought that it defaulted back to the cell tower triangulation method like the Version 1.0 software used if it can't find the satellites? I live in upstate New York (Albany Area) and if I hit the locate button from inside my house it places me very accurately on Kathy Lane in Schaumberg, IL which is a suburb of Chicago! Anyone else?????
  5. Rick Castle

    Connecting to Free WiFi difficulties

    Hi Everyone, My wife works at a hospital that offers free WiFi through out the hospital and she wants to connect her iPhone. The trouble is when you try to connect it first takes you to their homepage where you must accept the terms of use before it will grant access and they used Flash for the page which the iPhone cannot recognize. Any ideas on how to work around this? Rick