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  1. Im trying to move from a 160G HD to a new 320G HD on my intel MB. On Adam's advice I have used Super Duper for years to back up and copy my Mac partition. But how can I move both the Mac and Windows partitions to a new larger HD simultaniously?? ( hopefully without running Boot Camp and reloading Windows and Apps again ) - Thanks for any suggestions you can provide - Mike PS - It appears neither SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner can perform this function.
  2. MVMike

    Adding a Trash alias to the Finder sidebar

    Thanks Graham, my issue is not turning on invisible files. I use Tinker Tool to do that by clicking a button. The trouble is there is no longer a " .Trash " file among the invisible files in your home directory as there was in Tiger, Panther, etc. Where has the Trash file gone? Thanks - Mike
  3. In past versions of OS X it was easy to add a Trash alias to the desktop or Finder sidebar. Just search for the invisible file named .Trash and create an alias. In Leopard this search returns nothing. I've dug through all the hidden files and found nothing that mentions Trash. Anyone know a new method for creating a Trash alias or what the new file name is for the Trash? - Thanks, Mike
  4. MVMike

    Unpublished iPhoto tricks

    Of the three unpublished iPhoto tricks, is anyone getting the advanced "Enhance" trick to work? I have iPhoto v6.0.6 and the other two Adam mentioined work great ( keypad shortcut changing library screen size and custom Red Eye functions ) When I apply the 3 key combination following the Enhance button on a photo in full screen edit mode, the cursor never changes nor do the bracket or shift brackets keys make any changes. In fact the only thing that happens is as the control, caps lock, 9 keys are pressed, the photo reverts momentarily to the default photo. As soon as you release the keys it reverts back to the enhanced photo. I also tried following the 3 key combination with and without the tab key as is needed for the red-eye trick. Just wondering what others are experiencing. Thanks Adam for the tricks, specially the red eye one. The default auto-red eye seldom work perfectly. - Mike from Mission Viejo
  5. I've had no luck with my Sony Pictures DVDs using the latest Handbrake or MTRipper. With Handbrake, the encode runs for just a couple minutes, freezes, and then errors out. I've read the same from others too. Any suggestions would sure be appreciated. - Mike