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  1. I encountered this exact same problem, and the answer is simpler than you think :D


    Just copy all the iphoto library files from the tiger mac to the leopard mac, putting it in the photos folder in the same place as the new library file


    Next, open iPhoto, but while holding down the option key. This will bring up a box that allows you to create a new photo library, or choose an existing one. Choose the existing option, and navigate to the photo library directory you copied from the tiger mac.


    Then iPhoto will warn you that it is upgrading the library to the new version, and it will be done..


    Hope this helps



  2. I use dreamhost as my web host, and they give me such a stupid amount of space (about 250Gb I think), I backup my entire home folder there too.


    They're pretty reasonable too, $120 (us) for all that space, and since you pay for it, you get decent support in the unlikely even they go down.



    How do you go about backing up to DreamHost Graham, FTP?


    Also, SiteGround has a better deal for web hosting, its about $US75 per year and includes 750GB of disk space, plus all the other features

  3. Hi All,


    I need a way to share pictures and video between my family, which is split between the UK and Australia. I have heard a few people say that having an online storage accout that every family member can access is a good idea. Do any of you guys know about any good storage services?





    Try XDrive




    They offer 5GB free storage with the ability to share files with friends and family


    Hope it helps,


  4. i just updated itunes to 7.3 and now when i try to open it it just quits before the window appears...



    This problem is most likely because ShapeShifter is running in the background. To fix it, just add iTunes to the exception list in shapeshifter, and re-apply the theme you were using. This should make iTunes work again, anyway it did for me anyway.


    Hope this helps,


  5. It seems like it's been a little less than a month. My iPod 5G used to refresh my smartplaylists. For example: when I listen to my smartplaylist of podcasts added within the last day and played 0 times, when the podcast was finished playing the podcast would then automatically be removed from the list. Once I have listened all of them the playlist would be empty. It still works in iTunes but no longer works in the iPod.


    I don't remember if there was a recent iPod or iTunes update. It stopped doing this even before the latest iTunes update with the new DRM free music.


    Anyone have some input?


    Thank You.





    Hi Jim,


    I had this same problem a few weeks ago, but since I've updated iTunes with the DRM Free tracks, it seems to be fixed. Maybe you should try this update, and see if this fixes the issue.