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    MACS!!! I love macs, and anything to do with them. Macs are my life, and I wish to work at Apple someday... something related to business and/or the software side.<br /><br />I'm devoting this summer to learning C/Objective-C and finally Cocoa so that I can start developing on the Mac (even if it's very basic).
  1. SteveJobs -- In training

    Working at Apple Retail

    Thanks for all the info... it really helps me out. I definitely will have a dynamic attitude and will stand out (somewhat) but I'm not extremely specific in any one area... But I'm just looking to get the phone position for now and then maybe try to move out onto the floor after 6mo to a year.
  2. SteveJobs -- In training

    Things I wish the iPhone would do...

    This is my own list: Copy+Paste Full width-keyboard with only 1 line of text shown for easier typing Being able to rotate the iPhone when the keyboard comes up so that it goes horizontal - especially when entering login details for websites MORE MORE MORE MORE STORAGE!!! 8GB is tiny for me! I have collected over 25GB of media in iTunes (movies, TV shows, podcasts, Audiobooks, and of course Music) - I hate that I have to settle for only 1/4 of my music and NO videos or podcasts or audiobooks. Really.. I would pay up to $700 for an iPhone with 16+GB (32GB would be awesome but that much flash mem probably isnt possible in that form factor) 3G, UNLOCKED!!! Third-party Applications Better bluetooth!! I have UConnect in my car, which is hands-free calling with my phone via bluetooth. My old nokia worked seamlessly with this system - once i was within 20 ft. of my running car, my phone beeped and automatically connected. However, my iPhone rarely connects to the system! I have tried repairing the phone, but to no success... furthermore I haven't been able to connect the iPhone to my MBP's bluetooth (except once). Common apple! Bluetooth is a touted feature - but its not working (for me at least). Improve teh UI - I think the iPhone UI is wonderful, but after a while I am starting to get sick of it, it's too glossy, black, techy. Just give me a little mroe matte in the icons and colors... and make the text under the main menu icons bigger! Better speaker - I know that cell speakers are crap, they sound terrible, and for a cell phone speaker, the iPhone has to be some of the best, however, I wish they could put some speakers more like my old iBooks - very small, but OK sounding. MyMac2Go - A new idea, put all my documents on my iPhone and then write a little app like pages/keynote-to-go that can edit them on the go (including PDF export, DOC edit, PPT edit) Better included ringtones - there really is only 2-3 REAL ringtones that I would ever use that come on the iPhone, I want 18 different variations of a regular phone ring to choose from, and a few whacky sound effects, but not just some random iMovie/GarageBand recycled sound effects - It just doesn't cut it! FLASH, FLASH, FLASH, FLASH!!! o yeah.. and btw i want FLASH! Finder for iPhone - to manage downloads, songs, videos, podcasts, ON the iPhone just like the Finder on my Mac Hm... out of ideas --> but I support all of the above stated ideas The iPhone has so much potential and I think (& hope) that Apple will unleash that potential in 2008. 2007 was just so that Apple can ease into it and then they can REALLY wow us in 2008 with all the new features....
  3. SteveJobs -- In training

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    I've got: iPhone 8GB 5G iPod 30GB 4G iPod 20GB 2G iPod Nano 4GB 1G iPod Nano 8GB Yup... a lot of iPods
  4. SteveJobs -- In training

    Working at Apple Retail

    OK, so I just turned 16, have my own car, and want to start making some (more) money... and what better way to do it than working @ Apple! And oddly enough, there is a new Apple Store being built only minutes away from my house! I think it will be completed sometime in summer/fall 2008. I was wondering if any one in the maccast community could give me any feedback on working at Apple Retail stores - and what you think my chances are of getting a job there? So far, this is kinda like my résumé: I am a 16 yr-old, overachieving, super bright, responsible Apple-addict -- My GPA is 4.42 (top of my class of about 250 at a private, all-boys, college-prep high school), and I am an active member of clubs, partake in community service, and have leadership roles at my school Started a marine service company in 2005, it operates during summer only, since starting the biz - revenues have increased 560%, the company's reputation is perfect, I am experiencing exponential growth in both revenue, profit, and customer base, while I have been able to reduce costs (in relation to income) Started a Memory DVD production company in 2005, it operates year-round with about 3-5 large projects per year, very good reputation, this business has not grown very much from its beginnings - but I have not put much effort into it since I am in school and the DVD production (even with a Mac) requires too much time From starting + running my own businesses, I have great customer relations and communication skills Freelance web designer/developer Have extensive knowledge of almost all Apple products/technologies - from using them at home, in business, and at school Self-taught C, Objective-C, and (some) Cocoa programmer Shareholder of AAPL Do you think I have any chance of being hired @ an Apple Store? I could only work on weekends in Sep-May, and Sat-Wed in the Summer. Right now I'm not getting my hopes up since I: have no retail experience, am only 16, have a limited schedule b/c of school, and b/c there will be/are probably many many applicants for only a handful of jobs. But I would be ecstatic for even getting the phone-answering job in the back room! PS - I tried finding contact info for Apple Retail employment (by looking on apple.com/jobs) and only found one email address for special need applicants and they couldn't/wouldn't answer my questions. I also tried emailing Steve Jobs (I know he has flunkies reading it - I just hoped they would pass it on to someone who could answer my questions) but I did not get a response.
  5. SteveJobs -- In training

    Firefox or Safari

    I tend to use Safari the most. However, I recently started using Camino and like it quite a bit. To me both Safari and Camino are about the same (although Safari is much faster) while Firefox... oh.. poor Firefox... takes a pathetic 7-8 bounces in my dock to launch (Camino takes 3-4, while safari takes 1-2). I do some freelance web design with the Adobe CS3 Suite and use a whole slew of browsers then... but Safari is by far my favorite (Camino is catching up tho!)
  6. SteveJobs -- In training

    So who is getting one?

    I will be a proud iPhone owner in October sometime (I'll buy the iPhone when i buy leopard) because my current Alltel contract does not end until October and the cancellation fee would be $200 (making the total price of the iphone = $800 + tax + service) so... I'll wait also, Apple will probably have already released the 3rd gen iPhone by then - haha
  7. SteveJobs -- In training

    Boo Boo in iPhone synching video

    i just checked my download of that video and Apple must have fixed it:
  8. SteveJobs -- In training

    Learn Mac Programming

    haha! & i'm a freshman like u! Looks like we got a lot in common! MBPs = awesome ~Steve
  9. SteveJobs -- In training

    Learn Mac Programming

    Nice! How come it's all Windoze? The .Mac download for Mac was a hidden .exe file O well.. ill look at it next time I'm on a PC. Thanks! Steve
  10. SteveJobs -- In training

    Learn Mac Programming

    Thanks for the support! My copies of Programming in C, Programming in Objective-C, and Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X just arrived via UPS today! I'm already 20 pages into the C book - very interesting stuff. -Steve
  11. SteveJobs -- In training

    Mac OS X Internals by Amit Singh

    HOLY CRAP! thats HUGE! It's like the dictionary of everything under the hood of your mac !! The first sentence would probably just confuse me... haha. -Steve
  12. SteveJobs -- In training

    Leopard Beta

    HAHA! I know a freind who installed the beta on their boot camp partition, but what you could do is sign up for a free account on Apple's Developer Connection and then technically, you ARE a developer (although you wouldn't be eligible for the Leopard beta). But still, you would technically be a developer & you could have just said you know an Apple developer and he uses your computer alot, hence he installed the beta on your machine. idk... just my thoughts but i'll definitely tell my friend not to go to Apple Care with the beta in plain sight -Steve
  13. SteveJobs -- In training

    Leopard Beta

    Haha.. *wink* *wink* However, I heard/read that Apple goes nuts on torrent users uploading pre-release stuff - They sued several people over sharing pre-release versions of Tiger So... word of caution And for the record I discourage bittorrent use -Steve
  14. SteveJobs -- In training

    Leopard Beta

    THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!! But in reality, I dont think it would be a wide distribution - Developers only. I'm not sure about this, but consider: • How's Apple going to distribute the beta? Downloads would require uber amounts of bandwidth & then installing would mean buring a disc (and original MBP/MB don't have DL drives so they'd have to allow 2-disc installs or something) Discs would run up costs, and then shipping the install discs adds to the costs However, if Apple charged for the beta (like $10.00) then it might be realistic I dont know... but I'd definitely be first in line to grab a copy -Steve
  15. SteveJobs -- In training

    Learn Mac Programming

    Thanks MacDev & everyone!! That looks like some great resources! Finally people who agree that C is what I need to start with - all I've heard about was python, python, python. I appreciate all the sugesstions and I should be doing some Amazon shopping soon.