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  1. Punk Mac Geek

    iTunes and TV

    And family guy, and futurama
  2. Punk Mac Geek

    Wild Speculation on 9/12 announcement

    http://www.macnn.com/blogs/?p=98 smartphone/PDA/cell phone/ real video ipod
  3. http://www.macnn.com/blogs/?p=98 OMG, did someone say Ipod Phone?
  4. Punk Mac Geek


    nevermind i think i got it. but just to make sure, im installing xcode tools right??
  5. Punk Mac Geek


    how? do i boot from the cd? or just put it in???
  6. Punk Mac Geek


    arent all macs suppose to come with xcode already installed??? becuase i just got a mac book and it doesnt have it.
  7. Punk Mac Geek

    MacBook cases

    Yes, and so is the bitolithic. That's what I'm looking for: something I can just slip into my backpack, or more likely, my tank bag for my motorcycle. apple has a neprene sleeve for thee macbook, at their stores. It made by incase i believe. i bought it yyesterday with my shiny new mac book.
  8. Punk Mac Geek

    Travel Laptop

    well, if you dont want to spend alot, you can buy an old G4 powerbook for like 600$
  9. Punk Mac Geek

    Which new mac!

    I disagree with you, I think the portable line is exactly how it's going to be until Christmas. yeah intel hasnt even released mrom yet. i would definetly say the loaded 15 incher
  10. Punk Mac Geek

    Calling All Forum Regulars 2: Avatars

    while were on the topic of avatars, sttrek341 i must inquire, are you on a FIRST robotics team?? if not what is the 341 for??
  11. Punk Mac Geek

    HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im buying a new laptop, so ill probally bring in my G5 and have them back it up to that and install it or w/e my G5 is still under repair warranty, i think
  12. Punk Mac Geek

    HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how do i archive, and do i need to repair permissions on my start up disk??
  13. Punk Mac Geek

    HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if i reinstall wont i loose everything???????
  14. my menu bar text has changed from words to block capital A's (when i say block, i mean like an A on a childs block.
  15. Punk Mac Geek

    PC Dead getting iMac

    maybe, if you harddrive isnt fried, and if they cant, find some one with a working PC and pop in your harddrive