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  1. hey guys, I recently have an airport problem that I can't figure it out what's wrong. My IMAC have been dropping wireless connection like every 5-10 mins. We've recently upgraded to an Airport Extreme dual band, my wife's IMAC G5 is still connecting and my second IMAC in the living room and my Macbook all of them supports 802.11n also seems to work. However, only my IMAC in my office is having wireless drop issue. I've tried deleting the keychains and wireless plist and it doesn't solve the problem. I'm running out of ideas. Please help.
  2. I just came back from a long vacation and I took my ipod touch with me. If I didn't take it with me I probably wouldn't notice there is a problem with changing timezone. It doesn't seems to keep the new setting and always default back to Cupertino. I've searched apple support discussion and notice other people have reported the same issue. Also, my Touch doesn't like to wake up sometime and need to reset almost daily to every other day. Extremely annoying. so Today I d/l the new software update 1.1.4... does anything it fixed any of these problems?
  3. Allizard

    imac shutdown after it's been idle.

    I took the Imac to Apple Store yesterday, the capacitors are fine as well. And it pass Quick dianostic. I've left the system there so hopefully it will shutdown over night so they can just replace the mobo and power supply. Coming from PC world I kinda feel a bit helpless. If it's a PC problem I already have replaced the mobo myself already.
  4. Allizard

    CCCP for OSX

    Does OSX have something similar to CCCP? http://www.cccp-project.net/ As much as I like VLC. It's not a complete solution to all the different codecs other there.
  5. Allizard

    Creative Zen

    Before I got the ipod.. I was using XNJB /w my Zen Micro. Works wonder with my Powerbook.
  6. Allizard

    imac shutdown after it's been idle.

    I'm not that smart when it comes to Apple hardware. Good thing I got the applecare. Another bloody trip to the local apple store. I don't suppose they can swap the board there and have to be send back right?
  7. My wife iMac is acting weird lately. I notice everytime the system been idle for a while then it will shut itself off for no apprearane reason. I've already ran reset-all and reset the mpu. it's not helping. So my next option is about to drop the darn thing off at Apple store. just wondering if there is anything else I can do or check. Oh and I notice the bloody fan is spinning most of the time now. I wondering if it's a heat sensing issue.
  8. Allizard

    MacBook Pro Battery & Heat Problems

    The only docking station that I know of is made by BookEndz. But I don't think they got a fan underneath.
  9. Allizard

    MacBook Pro Battery & Heat Problems

    I just notice I wrote "reasonly" wow... how'd that happened? :shock: Heh cfsporn ... thanks for the warm welcome. Yeah I've been away on Mac hiatus for a long while until a friend offers his MBP for me to play with (long term project). How can I resist? As for the MBP, it's definately a lovely machine, but the heat problem is really annoying. It gets too hot when I rest my palm on top and I thought my PB G4 12" was hot... this is nothing to compare. I'm going to use the 17" to replace my daily desktop and see if this is good enough to persude me to give up using PC completely. I still kinda doubt it. :roll:
  10. Allizard

    should I move to Firefox

    Using Firefox on PC... using Firefox on the Mac as well.
  11. Allizard

    @mac.com email account

    ya know.. I find that .Mac account pretty useless for me. But I guess it's there for some people who don't need much web space.
  12. Allizard

    MacBook Pro Battery & Heat Problems

    I don't mean to hijack this thread... but I reasonly I got a Macbook Pro 17" to test some application. It's running much much hotter than my Powerbook. Is this normal for this? Has Apple release any service advisorly?
  13. Allizard

    Anyone know of a good IT Ticket software?

    Outlook and exchange server can actually do some of the fuction for ticket tracking but it's not very robust.
  14. Allizard


    So when is AAPL going to split agian? I brought some when they are $41. Just a few months. I can't believe it when up too fast.
  15. Allizard

    working at the Apple store

    Well said Adamf!!