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    My podcast list is too long

    Responding to the original post: I would do this simply by converting the podcast to MP3 ("Convert Selection ..." on the Advanced Menu, or on the Contextual Menu when Right- or Control-clicking--I have my importing preference set to the MP3 encoder). The converted MP3 file automatically goes into the Music folder, where you can keep it as long as you want. Then you can delete the original podcast from the Podcast folder to shorten your list (choose "Move to Trash" to get it completely off your HD). If you really have a lot of podcasts you want to convert and save, just select them all at once with a command-click before giving the convert command and let it do it's thing over lunch or overnight or whatever. After that, if you're just doing one or two at a time, it usually doesn't take long to convert. If your importing pref (Preferences>Advanced>Importing) is set to AAC encoder or something else, the convert command on the menu will say that instead of MP3. Don't know why this method wouldn't work with another encoder, but I've only tried it with MP3.
  2. Thanks for your response, even if it confirms my worst fear. I'm already using a smart playlist to make loading onto the Shuffle easier, so it looks like your workaround is going to be perfect for me--the trivial bit of extra effort is probably worth it in order to be able to control the play order. Many thanks for that. Since my original posting, I've begun to suspect that the preordained play order has to do with the most recent items playing first, except podcasts loaded at the same time may stay together always or at least under certain conditions. Not convinced yet that it's completely consistent, but working on that assumption has helped me find things fairly quickly on the shuffle even without a screen. But real control over the order would be much better. I had already sent feedback to Apple before posting my first message. I also encourage others to do so.
  3. I'm considering returning my recently purchased Shuffle because it won't play podcasts in my chosen order. It honors the play order I put songs in, but not podcasts, which it keeps playing in it's own arbitrary order no matter what I try (it's not shuffling the order: with a given set of podcasts it's the same order every time, even after restoring the iPod and starting over multiple times). I listen almost exclusively to podcasts, so this is a problem for me. Since I can't control the order on the iPod itself without a screen, I was counting on being able to control the order from my computer. Going to Apple's discussion groups, I found one small discussion of this problem in which at least one person implied that this is a longstanding issue that goes back the the 1G Shuffle. Is this true? Are others experiencing this? Is it one of those bugs that Apple just doesn't consider important enough to fix? Or is the lack of info on this problem a sign that it's actually a rare issue? The Genius I talked to knew nothing about it, and when testing in the store turned up another Shuffle that seemed to play in the proper order, he concluded my Shuffle was defective and swapped it for a new one--but then the new one had the same disobedient behavior as my first one. The shuffle user guide does make it clear that podcasts have to be loaded manually, but it makes no mention of any other limitation and implies that arranging the order for podcasts should be the same as for songs. If this is a rare issue, then I figure I'll go back and ask for another until I get one that works properly; if it's just the way it is, I'll have to decide whether I like the Shuffle well enough otherwise to keep it.