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  1. Jx -Imagine it

    Who should be the new "Mac" in Apple's ads?

    Defiantly should be SEAN CONNERY
  2. Jx -Imagine it

    left handed mac user

    have you considered training your middle finger or ring finger to click?
  3. Jx -Imagine it

    Drag and Drop Tricks

    If you are using Mac OS X tiger you might want to setup "Hot Corners" I have mine setup and they were hard to get used to at first but they became very useful and I cant stand to use a compute without them. my setup currently is: top left = dashboard bottom left = desktop top right = all windows of current app bottom right = all windows (same as f9) you can set them up by going to SYSTEM PREFERENCES then click DASHBOARD AND EXPOSÉ then from thier you can set your hot corners and hotkeys. also quick tip- if you hold shift then press f9 (so SHIFT+F9) it will ease the seperation of the windows. and thats (fn+SHIFT+F9 on a laptop) *EDIT* Also to respond to the origonal post. You can use these hot corners and F9 to drag and drop. Just start dragging what ever you want to drop, then move the mouse over to the hot corner. hold your mouse over the window you want to drop it in for a few seconds without moving it (ther will be a "do not enter" type icon, dont worry just ignore it) and it will blink and that app will come to the front, then as soon as you see the little (+) icon you can drop it.*EDIT*
  4. Jx -Imagine it

    iPhone Top Ten

    That is a really cool design for the iPhone. I really love it. However it doesn't look Appleish. I wish apple would release something like that, but Steve (the loose cannon) Jobbs would never aprove. Although I would like to see a next Gen iPod or Video iPod with phone capabilities and I would definatly like it to look and function like this. http://www.icebin.net/upload/iPod_5G.jpg http://mobbit.info/media/3/Video_iPod_6G_2.jpg http://pixelmojo.com/Site/Stills%202.htm