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    Names for the "spinning gear"

    "Indeterminate Progress Indicator" ... That's rich! :-) The gear isn't a progress indicator at all but rather an activity indicator. There is no indication of progress, it only lets you know "something" is going on. So, for a name, I'd say .... hmmm...... Activity Cog Wheel of Misfortune Bicycle Spokes Wheel of Wanting (your Mac to boot) Apple Roulette
  2. Mark Sheppard

    Tige will not boot after 10.4.11 update

    Yes, I agree. Let your mac stay at the grey screen for awhile. I performed this upgrade as well with no problems. One thing I have done that has helped is, I've got verbose login turned on so I can see all the cryptic Unix text on the screen and get to see things happening there, rather than just getting to watch the static grey screen, not knowing if anything is going on or not.
  3. Podcasts don't seem to be syncing properly on my 3rd gen Nano. (I may have missed clicking on a checkbox somewhere, who knows?) I have it set up to sync all of my unplayed podcasts. The podcasts transfer over to the iPod just fine, but say If I've listened to an entire podcast on the Nano, then hook it back up to my Mac, iTunes doesn't recognize that it's been played. Also, if you've listened to a podcast halfway through on the Nano and hook it back up to the Mac and let it sync, the podcast is not keeping the placeholder where you left off listening to the podcast. All software updates are in place and the podcast syncing feature works flawlessly on my 1st gen Nano. Any clues? Thanks!
  4. Mark Sheppard

    New iPod Nano Podcast Syncing Issue

    Thanks for the help guys. It appears to be syncing properly now. I clicked a checkbox that I didn't think would address the issue, but apparently it did. Also, one thing I noticed with this new Nano, is that it is slow about disconnecting when you eject it. I may have pulled it off it's sync cable permaturely. So, for now... all is well.
  5. Mark Sheppard

    Update to Camino

    I'm a big Camino user too. Love the light weight and speed of the 1.0.4 version. I had an issue with the 1.5 version though. Upon install, 1.5 would not launch. I went and did some research and found that if you had the CaminoSession plugin installed, it can cause this to happen. The new version of Camino now does most of what CaminoSession did anyway and I found directions on how to remove it. Issue number 2: If you are using a version of 1Passwd prior to 2.4.2, Camino 1.5 may not launch as well. Just some things to keep in mind.
  6. Mark Sheppard

    MacCast Loops

    Fantastic job on your first Talkshoe open forum show! I was very impressed. Kudos to Victor for prodding you to do this and being your producer/call screener/moderator or whatever you want to call him. I'm sure "good friend" is in there somewhere. I know you were unsure about doing a show on this platform but it seemed to come off very smooth. I think you are a natural for Talkshoe... Your fantastic fan following and show download numbers bode well for you to continue this venture. One of the few things you can do in this realm that pays you to do it. You have the friendly, humble personality to make this all work and your knowledge in "all things Macintosh" is boundless. I look forward to each and every one of these shows you decide to do. Hats off to Victor to have brought you here. (He's like a used car salesman, but more lovable) Keep up the great work and spread the Mac mindset.
  7. Mark Sheppard

    Another QuickSilver anomoly

    As mentioned on the last show, that MarBel's problem with drag&drop was related to QuickSilver. Another problem I found with Quicksilver is downloading to the desktop using Camino web browser. Downloads will not work unless you make a folder for Camino downloads, and direct Camino to download to that folder.
  8. Mark Sheppard

    Mac vs. PC

    That was brilliant! This should be a commercial. :-)
  9. Mark Sheppard

    Boot camp just broke 2 new iMacs

    The failures you encountered (whether it be from a non-legit copy of XP or not) are all software related. You didn't break any hardware doing this. You should have been able to boot into your install DVD and reinstall OSX at the very least.
  10. Mark Sheppard

    Is a .Mac account worth the money?

    In a word, No!
  11. Mark Sheppard

    duplicate programs in "open with"

    I also backup to an external firewire drive with Super Duper. Is backup the only thing you are using the second hard drive for? If so, you might keep the second hard drive unmounted most of the time, then use iCal to feed you reminders of when to turn on (or mount) the drive, so Super Duper can do it's backup. Another tip. On the Open With contexual menu, the first occurrence of a particular app is always the one on the primary or start up drive. Also, it sounds like your external drive is going to sleep after a certain period of inactivity. Go into the Preferences Panel, Energy Saver and uncheck the box that says "Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible". Hope this helps!
  12. Mark Sheppard

    SkypeOut Unlimited - Scam?

    It is legit. Were you aware that for the second half of last year, we had SkypeOut for free? (and many of us used it a lot) Also, Skype made an offer in Nov/Dec. of paying for this year's service in advance (by December 31), and you could have got the plan for $14.95. Which I did.
  13. Mark Sheppard

    Mac vs. PC

    Rewording and expanding on some of the aspects that you've chosen already, might help make for a more compelling arguement. Great value! A number of included high quality programs, that a consumer won't have to purchase after getting their new Mac. Stability! The UNIX backbone along with the tight integration of OS and hardware, make Macs run for months on end, without a reboot or crash. User Friendly! A simplified dock, intuitive apps, and overall design, that any user can get accustomed to quickly. Internet Security! Virtually free of viruses and malware. No Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware necessary. Design! A Mac is something that can sit on your desk and look more like a work of art, rather than a kitchen appliance. Software! A wealth of high quality freeware and low cost shareware is available on the Internet, Possibly, without the need to ever purchase an expensive, commercial software package. There's a few. Hope that helps!
  14. Mark Sheppard

    mystery of missing emails

    Well Lori, if you're in love with .MAC that is fine. But you don't have to use it for email, if this is the only thing getting in your way right now. Like we said, you can use Gmail with your Apple Mail seamlessly... Google has full step-by-step picture instructions how to set up Apple mail for this. Then you can continue to use .MAC for everthing else that you like it for. No extra $ expended.
  15. Mark Sheppard

    mystery of missing emails

    I'm flattered Daniel. You're only obligated to agree with one sentence of mine per month. :-) The rest could be hogwash. Lori and hubby could get ONE Gmail account and make this work the way she wants. Never touched Jaguar, so I don't know if it handles mail radically different than Tiger. Hard to believe if it does. This discussion reminds of the NOTMAC challenge.... I hope this comes to fruition. The syncing and backup services of .MAC are great.... the other stuff .MAC gives you are mediocre or offered virtually free elsewhere. The NOTMAC challenge is a movement that is amassing money to pay a developer or developers to reproduce the most valuable features of .MAC and offer them freely to the public and save us a hundred bucks a year to boot. I'm watching this closely.... over $4800 has been collected so far. But I haven't seen anyone take up the challenge yet. I will post when more info is known.
  16. Mark Sheppard

    mystery of missing emails

    I'm sorry Lori, but I think you lost me. It may be for the fact that I've never had a .MAC account (and don't wish to, at $99 a year), but the "settings" you have described don't seem to appear in my Apple Mail setup. That, or I can't find them, or only appear if it's setup for a .MAC account. I'm here to learn just as much as you are. Sorry I couldn't have been more help. P.S. - Gmail set up for pop delivery to Apple mail rocks. If you happen to choose to go that way, I got help for ya all over the place. :-)
  17. Mark Sheppard

    Macworld Announcement Dreams - What is your dream?

    I'd like to see the return of "The Cube", with a little more modern spin on it, of course. Next step up from the Mac Mini. Using full-size SATA HD's at 7200 RPM or greater. A REAL video card or chipset with ample VRAM and none of that "Shared Ram" crud. Room for 3 or 4 Gigs of Ram and a nice little Core 2 Duo 2Ghz processor. Make it $500 and I'll be the first in line. :-)
  18. Mark Sheppard

    Pen Drive

    You see, what the problem is here, is that we have been so spoiled by the auto syncing feature of iPod and iTunes. Now, we are wanting it to happen with every kind of thumb drive or memory card, and any other files we choose. :-) A logical, manual way of doing this would be to create a folder that always has the same name. Drag your files into it, or have Photoshop (or whatever you're using) to always automatically save your edited work to this folder. Then when you plug in your Pen drive, thumb drive, memory card, ect.... just drag that entire folder to the pen drive. You will be prompted to replace the folder on the pen drive no problem. If you are dragging files on and off of this pen drive from two different locations, you may want to create an IN folder and an OUT folder. One folder for taking your files from home to school, and one for taking your files from school to home. If this don't work for ya, I gave it my best shot. :-)
  19. Mark Sheppard

    mystery of missing emails

    Lori, I think you got your eyeballs in the wrong place for solving this. Don't be looking for settings in .MAC to take care of this, but rather Apple Mail itself on each computer. If that .MAC mail account IS setup as a POP mail system, then the way to handle this is to: On each computer, open Apple Mail, Go to the MAIL pull down menu at the top, then to PREFERENCES, then to ACCOUNTS, select the .MAC account on the left, go to the ADVANCED tab, and on the line that says "Remove copy from server after retrieving a message:" , make sure that box is UN-checked. I don't know how this is handled on a IMAP account, as I've never had one. But if you're using POP, this should do the trick. Another thought, if .MAC is setup for IMAP, perhaps switching to POP will remedy this.
  20. Mark Sheppard

    Can't Log In To My User Account!!

    Yes, Filevault scares me to death too. From reading of the experience you had, either Filevault did a number on you or some user files were left open as a result of the freeze-up. It almost sounds to me like the system thinks you are already logged in, thus not letting you in again. I don't suppose you have more than one account on the machine? You've probably heard this before, but the best way to set up your account(s) is to make a second (regular) user account and use that for everyday activity. You will hardly ever have to log in to your first account, (The Admin account). But in emergencies it is there, and in this case, this may have allowed you to properly log off the other account that froze. Also, it's a good idea to make a third regular user account, as it comes in handy with troubleshooting and could have been used in the same way mentioned above to get any open accounts logged off. When you are having trouble like this, it's a good idea to stay away from the Admin account. You lose that, and you're pretty well hosed.
  21. Mark Sheppard

    iBook problem

    Hmmm.... kinda sounds like a bad battery, but the resetting of the time and date is making me think P-ram. As another has suggested here, try starting without any startup items. There is two ways to do this: Holding down the shift during startup will give you the menu to shut off individual startup items or the other way is to startup to the login screen and login while holding down the shift key. This will bypass all startup items. Since I mentioned P-Ram, we could do a P-Ram reset by holding down the CMD + OPTION + P + R keys during startup. You will hear a "ding" at one point, keep holding down the keys until you hear the "ding" about 3 or 4 times (don't ask me why), then let the machine normally boot and see what that does for ya. Another possibility could be that the machine needs a P-Ram battery replacement. Hope this helps!
  22. Mark Sheppard

    iSight roundup

    Welp Strummer, If you were on the fence about buying an iSight, Apple has took care of that decision for you. Apple no longer sells the iSight camera in their online store. Some apple dealers may have some still in stock, but I wouldn't hold my breath. The Ecamm software mentioned here is great stuff and very affordable. (iChatUSBcam and iGlasses) http://www.ecamm.com/ I use the iGlasses software with my iSight. It gives me light and color correction, and also allows me to flip the image, as I hang my iSight upside down. Only $8.00 No I don't work for Ecamm, I'm just a satisfied customer.
  23. Mark Sheppard

    Trouble with new Veiwsonic display

    I assume you are making a DVI connection between the monitor and the Mini. Is that monitor capable of a VGA connection and have you tried it? The reason I say this is, I recently purchased a Samsung 20" 4x3 monitor (model 204B), and I tried doing a DVI connection to my 1st Gen. Mac Mini. It seemed to work fine at first, then every once in a while at random the monitor would blank out then come back up. It would only blank out for about a second at a time, but the intervals in which this happened were totally random. It almost appeared to me that the monitor was trying to autosense a digital or analog connection, which of course it was making the digital DVI connection at the time. So, I tried the VGA connection and everything seems to be OK. (It still gripes my butt, as I'd rather do the DVI connection) I may try the DVI connection again, as the monitor has had a chance to get burned in and I may just have a bad DVI cable. Sorry I wasn't of much help. But that was my personal experience with a new monitor and the Mac Mini.
  24. Hmm.... That's strange! My screen caps always default to PNG. Anyhow, if you're not comfortable using the Terminal, you can use any number of Freeware or Shareware System utility apps out there, that will do this for you. To name a few: Mac Pilot, Tinker Tool, Onyx, and Cocktail. Most of these have a drop down menu with about a dozen different graphic formats for you to choose from.
  25. Mark Sheppard


    Hmmm... Well, Spotlight is pretty unobtrusive. I don't really see any need for turning it off. As an alternative for Spotlight search, you may want to try QuickSilver. Totally free, Great for search, app launching, and a jillion other things.