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  1. Mac Season

    Eject button not working!

    Here is the official documentation of the new "feature" - I guess it does make sense..
  2. Mac Season

    Update 10.4.9 feels weird

    I have had no problems at all - in fact both my machines (Intel based iMac and Macbook Pro) are running better than ever after upgrading to 10.4.9. I did come across this tip - perhaps that might help you? In both cases make sure you rapair permissions before and after the updates - might help as well.
  3. Mac Season

    Multiple (4) HDD, is there any way?

    You might consider a Firewire enclosure and then use a RAID option to turn it into 1 drive (Concatenated Disk Set for example) Here is a screencast that might be helpful.
  4. Mac Season

    How to share my iTunes Library

    Sounds like you are both logged in at the same time?
  5. Mac Season

    duplicate programs in "open with"

    Have a look at: http://macseason.com/2007/01/08/open-with-...duplicate-apps/
  6. Mac Season

    ctrl click, "open with >" list?

    This also happens if you for example make a carbon copy of your disk - one solution is: http://macseason.com/2007/01/08/open-with-...duplicate-apps/ Hope that helps.
  7. Mac Season


    Some people do succeed with a subscription model - ScreenCastsOnline for one - but I also agree that advertising is usually an easier way forward and as long as it is relevant and nicely done adverts - I don't mind at all.
  8. Mac Season

    RSS readers

    I too use Safari for all my RSS and sync with .Mac so I have my feeds available on other Macs. What I have read is that the advantage of a dedicated reader is if you have many feeds you can organize things better - additionally it also might speed up Safari somewhat?! (not that I have any problems so far with my ±50 feeds) Google Reader is actually quite good these days - and also nice that it keeps your feeds available where ever you are (with an internet connection that is).
  9. Mac Season

    Can't Log In To My User Account!!

    This might be useful: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=106156
  10. Yes it is the links you have in your Bookmark Menu (in that order) - just replace them with whatever you want and then Apple+1 will be the first one (right after Bonjour if you have that in your Bookmark Menu)
  11. Mac Season

    XBOX 360 and my mac

    You can try this: http://www.nullriver.com/index/products/connect360 It works pretty well in my experience - I have only tried audio so far though - but the latest version also supports video images although only Windows formats for now.