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  1. eyerobic

    Airport Solution

    How do we set up an Airport network to share both a usb printer and external HD wirelessly? What I want is a file-server and printer to access at home from my Macbook and a future iPad. Thanks, Chris
  2. eyerobic

    homepage to web.mac

    Any suggestions on how to move my homepage.mac.com sites over to my web.mac.com space? I've backed up the entire contents of my iDisk one final time and I hope to view my old sites at the new location. iTools - iDisk user since before Dirt and my biggest fear is that Steve will take away my mac.com email address and make us use the ridiculous "me.com". Yikes! ... Chris
  3. eyerobic

    Disguising Safari

    I'd like some help disguising Safari as a PC running Internet Exploder (of all things). A web site I need to access requires I do so from a Windows PC running Exploder. :^/ Thanks, Chris
  4. eyerobic

    Mail 3.1 unable to drag-drop

    In Mail 3.1, why am I unable to drag-drop text from the message field into the subject line? I have always been able to select a portion of text from the message and drag it into the subject bar to form the message subject. Seems we are getting away from the core values of Mac OS when these intuitive features go away. Or perhaps this is just a Bug? Thanks, Chris
  5. eyerobic

    iPod Touch 8GB?

    Thanks everyone, An 8 GB Touch Refurby is due here by the end of the week. $200 Apple store. Call me a "late adopter" if you like. My G4 Mini resembles half of a Mac Cube! I expect Jobs to reveal a new iPod Touch next month, that takes out the trash.
  6. eyerobic

    iPod Touch 8GB?

    Is anyone NOT happy with an 8 GB iPod Touch? As the saying goes, "does size matter?" I'm looking at the Touch for the apps primarily and small music/photo/movie libraries second. Is the 8 GB adaquate enough? Will we see prices remain the same for the foreseeable future? Thanks, Chris
  7. eyerobic

    iLife X.5

    Thanks, I'm passing along the link as I type. . . .
  8. eyerobic

    iLife X.5

    Has anyone found a suitable replacement for "Claris Homepage"??? I'm stumped. And still running it on my OS 9 iMac. . . .
  9. eyerobic

    iLife X.5

    I learned everything I needed to know, from MacPaint and MacDraw on my 68k Mac ll. Well those, Photoshop LE and KeyCad by SoftKey. lol
  10. eyerobic

    iLife X.5

    Thanks, I'm a bit behind myself. But Appleworks did come installed on my G4 Mini, with iPhoto iMovie Garage Band and the rest. I just don't think it was called iLife per se, at that point. I'm just old-school, where we had the (I dare say) "Claris" group of applications that did Paint, Draw, WP, Spreadsheets and Database. Them were the days! My friend will probably do the trials for iWork and MSOffice, then decide which works best for him. Thanks!
  11. eyerobic

    iLife X.5

    Am I correct in the assumption that iLife in OS X.5 no longer has an Appleworks type app. and one must now BUY iWork to get Pages and Numbers or WTF they call it? So much for convincing switchers that Macs come loaded with apps. . . . Has anyone tried running old Appleworks itself on OS X.5? Are there any free alternatives? Thanks, my buddy just bought the 20" iMac after I mistakenly said it would do WP and Spreadsheets out of the box. ... Chris
  12. Has anyone tried this Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse? "Gear Head Bluetooth KBL8000WRBT" Real attractive price over at MacMall and I like the looks of it overall. Can't seem to find reviews on this model. I do love my Logitech wireless USB mouse. So I'm also looking at the Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser. I hope to free-up a USB port by going Bluetooth. Any suggestions will be appreciated, I'm easily swayed.
  13. eyerobic

    Networking a USB Printer

    OK, my USB Printer is connected to my G4 Mini and I just turned on "Printer Sharing". I'd like to print from my G3 (OS 9) iMac, but I am not running OS 9 Classic on the G4. How do I reach the printer from the G3? . . . thanks.
  14. eyerobic

    Loop about Panther

    Glad to hear the lukewarm recommendations for Panther. Honestly, I am going to ride X.3.9 for all it's worth. Never installed OS 9 for Classic mode on my G4 Mini as I have an OS 9 machine in the next room. And an OS 8 machine, and OS 7 and so on . . . I guess where I'm headed, is a Laptop sometime in 2008 once the dust settles a bit on Panther. My question being, should I want to bring the Mini up to X.4.something, will that ever be available at a discount? Can I BE more frugal? Loved the "Sony Koolaid" comment from Victor.
  15. eyerobic


    Thanks, I grabbed 7.0.1 at http://mac.oldapps.com/ and it seems fine. Will most likely upgrade iTunes further, once the dust settles around here. A big stink over on Apple Discussions, regarding new iPods compatability with OS 10.3.9 as many people bought on recommendation by Apple web site that the new iPods worked with 10.3.9 . . . but they do not. I understand the site has since been corrected, but I bought a 2nd gen Nano for the time being, while I wait-out 10.5 . . . Too bad, so many are stuck staring at their new iPods with no way to use them. Some even turned in their old iPods to the recycling program and have nothing. That's gotta SUCK! Caveat Emptor ... Chris