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  1. Mac-User

    Recovering from Target Mode (HELP)

    I am not so sure as to what to do in this particular situation, but your friend may want to give this podcast a listen. It saved my cousins MacBook: http://typicalmacuser.com/wordpress/2008/0...-died-now-what/ Good Luck
  2. Hey MacFans, I am the sort of guy who likes to keep everything up to date on my Mac/PC [and i mean EVERYTHING]... so, whenever I tried to update the driver of the GPU in my iMac [early 2006] which is the ATi Radeon X1600, it always failed, until I decided to google, 'ATi Drivers Bootcamp' and Voila, there were the drivers. BUT After trying to install these new drivers from the ATi [now the AMD] site, which were specific to my Mac, it seemed to have downgraded my drivers from version 8.4 - 7.1 ? Any suggestions from anyone out there on how to get the latest drivers? or should i just revert to the latest ones i can get my hands on from my Leopard installation Disc? Thanks
  3. Mac-User

    Leopard Graphics Pack

    Hey MacFans, Yesterday, my cousin installed the Leoaprd Graphics Update - yes I know its a little late but he kept putting it off - anyways, when the mac rebooted itself the bootup would get no further than the grey screen. Everything seems to have halted there, but the little spinning icon keeps on spinning. Not exactly sure what to do here. Should I try booting up from his Leopard DVD and then trying to repair permissions? If this does not work, any other suggestions? Thanks in advance
  4. Mac-User

    Which version of Windows should I install?

    I agree with that. Although Vista has kept Uniformity in icons... the navigation needs getting used to. I disagree with that we as mac users would say Leopard is the future, but down the line there is definitely going to be a new OS yet we still have faith in Leopard as many still do with Tiger. Also, Vista is not perfectly stupid. It may not be quite up to scratch but it isnt so bad. Agree again, XP runs a lot better in VMWare/Parallels and probably is the better choice for the time being.
  5. Mac-User

    Which version of Windows should I install?

    I've had the experience of using both XP and Vista on an iMac with just 1Gb RAM and only Core Duo, not Core 2 Duo and found that both worked quite well. Obviously Vista became a lot slower a lot faster, but on the whole wasnt bad. However if you want a more snappy windows OS then XP is the way to go. I would recommend waiting for SP3 to come out so that you can slipstream SP3, but thats your choice. I preferred BootCamp as you get to utilize all of the hardware within your mac rather than having to split [especially with RAM] using VMWare/Parallels. Hope that helps
  6. Mac-User

    iWork 08 - Pages

    Hey MacFans, well i managed to get iWork 08 as a gift along with ilife 08. Everything seems to be running smoothly, but when i try using Pages, a little message comes up saying that some files which Pages needs are missing. Then there are 2 options, either to 'run anyway' or 'Quit'. I clicked 'run anyway' and Pages seems to be working perfectly. I tried reinstalling, but the same problem occurs. I tried to correct permissions but of no avail. Any ideas? I can't return the software as i have no receipt and the guys who gave the gift to me are abroad. Thanks
  7. Mac-User

    Dashboard indicator missing :S

    Well i have tried an Archive and Install and yet the same little problem persists. I guess i better just live with it. Although, on a friends PowerBook and on mine, the same problem has occurred. Neither of us have messed with the Dock resources yet still have this problem. Any help?
  8. Mac-User

    Dashboard indicator missing :S

    hmm... i checked to see if the .png files were there and found that they are. I rebooted couple times but still no indicator under the Dashboard icon :S Maybe an archive and install should do the trick?
  9. Mac-User

    Leopard Family Pack

    Yeah well going against the law aint fun! So i guess i'll stick to the 5 installations
  10. Mac-User

    Leopard Family Pack

    Wow! So what you're saying is that i can install it as many times as i want? And also that if they are currently installed on 5 macs in my house it wont let me install on any other? What would happen if i tried?
  11. Mac-User

    Leopard Family Pack

    Hey MacFans, I bought a family pack of leopard since its better value for many Macs in one house. However, a thought struck my mind. What if i need to reinstall Leopard on one of the Macs for any reason? Would Leopard use up another license or would it identify that there is already a serial key from that DVD installed on the Mac and just realize that i want to reinstall? I would sincerely hope that if reinstallation is necessary that i do not waste my hard earned licenses. Thanks
  12. Hey MacFans, Turned on Mac today and was opening applications from Dock when i saw that the little blue indicator under running applications in the dock (in Leopard) was missing under the Dashboard icon. Was wondering if there was a way to reset the Dock or at least bring back the indicator under Dashboard. I tried 'killall Dock' in Terminal but just brought back the same problem. Help is appreciated. Thanks
  13. Mac-User

    10.5.1 RELEASED!

    No problems so far with Mail. The whole locking up problem has drifted away. Also, Gmail IMAP now configures and works correctly. Are you having problems with it?
  14. Mac-User

    10.5.1 RELEASED!

    Hey MacFans, Adam's predictions and rumors were right! 10.5.1 has just been released! I downloaded it and installed it and have found some of the stability issues in Mail to have been fixed. I recommend this upgrade quickly for those who have had some bugs and problems. The security 'fault' as the experts called it in the Mac Firewall has been nicely rectified and worded by Apple. Check it out. Happy updating
  15. Mac-User

    Illustrator CS3

    more of a p'shop guy but compared to other versions Ai CS3 finally has had a very decent upgrade. I think Adobe finally got the message hehe... no crashes although the CS3 updater messes up a bit sometimes... besides that the package is fine