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  1. Webguy

    iphone sync

    The reason it takes so long is the fact that it is backing up ever single resource into it's own plist file. I started looking after my backup took over 45 minutes to finish. So not having so many apps on your phone or ipod touch will reduce the length of time to do backups. I don't know if this is truly the case, but I will be testing this out.
  2. how much space do you have on your iPod touch? I would make sure that you have about 512MB just to make sure that there is enough buffer... I may be way off, but I know upgrades fail if there's not enough space...
  3. Webguy

    iPhone purchase experience

    I went to the Oakbrook, IL Apple store and was there before 6AM. There were problems, after problems right from the get go. I was about 35th in line, so not too bad, but the stores' Point of sale system was down, so nobody could buy anything. Talk about a bad day to have that happen. There were a few sporatic people leaving, since the system was up and down, but the iTunes activation servers were hammered and down. It was bad overall. The line didn't really start moving until 11:15 or so, and I didn't get out until 12:15. Luckily I did get my 16GB phone, but it was disinformation campaign of the US political system kind. Blame the other guy.
  4. Webguy

    imac superdrive gone

    I would still suggest, like the others, to get one that will be able to boot and install, since if you want to do an upgrade, you'll need the drive to install it.
  5. Webguy

    Static IP Address Problems

    Well the easiest way make sure is to manually point the DNS to the router, if the router is serving DNS, usually it is. Then just set the IP address manually and make an exception on the router for that IP, or put it in the range that isn't served within the DHCP Scope.
  6. Webguy

    website submission form

    I also like using captacha, while they're not 100% effective they do get a bunch of spam filtered.
  7. Webguy

    mobileME v .Mac - buy now?

    All .Mac subscribers will be upgraded to mobileme, so it's either spend the money now or later. I'll probably end up getting it when I get the new iPhone...
  8. Webguy

    Delete on restart

    I'd say, if possible back those up to an external hard drive and then delete them... If they continue to be a pain, then maybe a full backup to external then wipe-and-reload would be in order...
  9. Webguy

    iPhone apps store: how much should apps cost?

    For me, the app would have to a complete MUST HAVE. As in, It can sync with mail with ToDo's, or a completely different ToDo App. I'd like to see a Screen sharing app from Apple that will be able to scale, and allow the 'pinch' gestures. That'd be worth maybe $10 to me.
  10. Webguy

    Leopard Broke my Proxy Server

    Do you have a rule within the Leopard firewall to allow squidman access? If not, that could be the cause...
  11. Webguy

    maybe 3 g phones soon

    The Thing with a 3G iPhone is that it will be a completely different Chipset and will require FCC Approval before anybody can actually get their hands on it in the wild. If Apple wants to be able to release it this year, and do an announcement before the FCC they'll have to do it soon. Like by Mid April to get it out in time for the holiday rush. Unless Apple can get the FCC to keep a lid on it, and do a regular "Here it is today" deal somehow. The only reason we, the mac community, is the Steve Jobs Keynote from the Iphone Introduction where he said "we wanted to show it to you before the FCC". Just my thoughts on it.
  12. Webguy

    Time Capsule.....

    That's changed as of today, the airport extreme update to firmware 7.3.1 and the Time Machine and Airport Update 1.0 allows USB hard drives off of Airport Extreme's now. So if you have an airport extreme, this would work as well. This might be the way that I end up going.
  13. Webguy

    Ripped DVDs and Front Row

    Adam did a special maccast on this back in November. I use DVDAssist to watch my ripped DVD using Mac The Ripper. Under my Movies folder I create an Alias to the folder that was created by MTR. As a note on DVDAssist, they have both the background and active. So it's only running while you need it to. I find it works very well.
  14. Webguy

    Firefox Is Randomly Quitting

    what about extensions? What extensions are installed?
  15. Webguy

    Quicktime streaming

    have you tried re-installing QuickTime? And who is your ISP? do they throttle or filter?