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  1. Hi All, I just recently installed Adobe CS3 on my Leopard iMac and when I went to install the plugin for my CanonScan scanner in the Photoshop plugin folder. In past versions of Photoshop I put the CanonScan plugin file in the Import/Export folder inside Plug In folder of Photoshop, and when I would click on Photoshop > File > Import/Export > the plug in for the scanner would show up there & launch the scanner window. This is not happening for me now. the plug in doesn't show up in the drop down menu even though it is in the folder. Any hints, suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Patrick in the Jersey shore.
  2. Hi All, I have an LaCie Porsche 250GB External HD with FireWire cable that I have stored some valuable data on, and for some reason it won't mount on my Mac anymore. I have tried running Disc Utility to repair premissions and swtiched the FireWire cables but to no avail. The little light in the front lights up light yellow, but nothing else happens. I have heard that it can be very costly to send a drive to a data recovering service so I would like to find my own solution. I really would appreciate any help. Thanks so much, Patrick killersmile@mac.com
  3. Patrick

    burning dvd copies

    I've also used Popcorn very succesfully & easily. It does take a while to burn a movie on a DVD but it works just fine on most players. http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/popcorn/...CFR0hUAodDHipbQ good luck, Patrick
  4. Patrick

    Cable DVR to Mac

    Hi All, I just recently upgraded my Comcast cable box to a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD box which has the can record HD programing onto it's own internal 160GB Hard Drive. I would like to get access to these recorded programs using my Mac so I can view them on my iPod and Apple TV (when I get one). Anyone know of any programs that I could use? the box has an USB outlet in the back, so if anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Patrick at the Jersey shore.