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  1. Hello Adam, I really enjoy your show! You don't skimp on information and I appreciate how thorough you are! I recently became a developer so that I can create an iphone app. I came up with the idea at first and decided to take the leap. I have been studying objective-c and I am 'sloooowly' understanding but it is still difficult to wrap my head around this. I have a background in visual effects, so I am use to planning as much as possible before even starting the actual work, plus I am a visual person. I am taking the same approach with this idea because I feel that programming is all over the place which feels like organized chaos if you ask me. I listened to your show recently about app development and as much as I would love to hire someone to help me with my idea: 1) I dont have the money to do so 2) I want to learn programming so as to maybe do this as a career job So I was wondering how I could go about finding someone to be a mentor and help me understand what I am doing. I also want to trust that they won't give my idea away to others too. Is there a site of iOS mentors like a phone book? Your thoughts on this, as well as anyone else, are greatly appreciated. Finally, I was wondering how to approach developing my app now that we have to have a 32 and 64 bit version. Thanks in advance! Ahart III