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  1. JamesS

    New user questions

    I've seen this discussed before, but I've never seen an answer I really liked. What makes me the most happy is having a Podcast Smart Playlist. Go the the file menu in iTunes and select "New Smart Playlist" (or hit command+option+n). In the rule at the top, select "Genre" from the first pop-up menu, "is" from the second and in the text field type "Podcast". Then just hit OK. That playlist will now contain all of the podcasts you have downloaded. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to get the listened/unlistened column to show up, but other than that, it works well enough for me. Hope that helped. Edit: I forgot to mention, if you're wanting to hide un-downloaded episodes just to reduce screen-clutter, you can use the browser in the podcast list. Just click the button that looks like an eye (bottom right corner) and then you can select your podcasts by Artist and the undownloaded episodes aren't as annoying.
  2. JamesS

    copy of httpd.conf

    Run apachectl configtest from the command line. It will parse the config file and tell you where the problem is. --James
  3. JamesS

    Apple TV questions

    You hit the nail on the head. In managed WiFi networks, all packets go through the Access Point for routing. That allows for cool things like roaming and such, but it also means that your communications are slower if your AP is the slow link. To do device-to-device communications, you would have to set up an Ad-Hoc network between them or turn one into an AP. I seriously doubt the AppleTV can become an AP, but the Ad-Hoc network might work. It depends on whether AppleTV's drivers and OS are capable of switching the WiFi chipset over to Ad-Hoc mode. You could, of course use a wired network, but wires are icky! --James
  4. JamesS


    Unlocking a phone, as far as I know, involves replacing the firmware. Therefore, what's the point of unlocking this phone? It won't be Apple's software running it anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple has a plan to release it in Canada though. Oh, and as to your question, I would not be surprised to find out that Cingular has paid Apple in some way to get an exclusive contract for the iPhone. This is going to bring new customers to their service in droves. Think about it. If 1 million people switch to Cingular to get this phone, and each of them is a guaranteed $50/month (minimum) for two years, how much would that be worth to Cingular? That's $1.2B in revenue. Heck, even if only 10,000 people switch to get this phone it's $12M in revenue. I think the iPhone will allow both Apple and Cingular to start printing their own money. --James
  5. JamesS

    Disappointing Announcements

    Too expensive? The closest thing I can find to the iPhone on Cingular's site is the Cingular 8525 which costs $400. It plays music, but guess how much space it has. 51MB available to the user. That's enough for what, 10 songs. Maybe. Also, it does not have the awesome interface Apple gave the iPhone, it does not have a real web browser, and it doesn't look like it does photos, movies or tv shows. The iPhone does all of those things and more. At $500 for the 4GB and $600 for the 8GB, I'd say Apple priced them pretty well. $100 or $200 bucks for all of those features is a bargain really. I, for one, plan on getting one in October when I can renew my Cingular contract. --James
  6. JamesS

    Apple TV questions

    It will still work. As it says here, the AppleTV will work with 802.11b/g/n. You'll need at least 802.11g to stream from a computer, but even on 802.11b you can send files to the AppleTV hard drive. If you don't have WiFi, you can even connect it to a regular old wired Ethernet network. --James
  7. JamesS

    MacWorld Announcements!!

    It's up now. --James Edit: Apple's servers are overloaded. It won't let me watch it yet. I guess a lot of people want to see it.
  8. JamesS


    Cingular is the LARGEST provider in America. Oh Steve. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. As Steve said in the Keynote, Apple has patented the iPhone out the wazoo. Over 200 patents. Not to mention, none of the current phone manufacturers have the knowledge of user interfaces to even come close to this phone. I've used phones from all three of the companies you mention and all of their interfaces suck. For that matter, all cell phone interfaces suck. Apple just raised the bar way, way, way above where everyone else can reach. Don't worry, nobody will be able to copy the iPhone for at least five years, maybe ten. I'm sure it will come out in Europe as planned. --James
  9. JamesS

    Disappointing Announcements

    You forgot the announcement that Apple Computer, Inc. is now Apple, Inc. They dropped Computer from their name. Now, I may be reading too much into this, but I don't think it was a coincidence that they changed their name the same day they announced the iPhone. I think Apple just put every electronics manufacturer on notice that they are moving into new markets and watch out! And as for why they announced the iPhone but it's not shipping... Steve wanted to do the announcement, and when they apply for FCC approval they have to be very specific about the product and those documents are public-record. If they had waited, someone would have dug up the FCC papers and scooped Apple. It will be shipping in June though, so not too long a wait. And yes, I will be getting one in October when I can renew my Cingular contract. --James
  10. JamesS

    Accessing apple shares

    If sharing is turned activated on the Mini, it should show up when you browse. Go to the Finder and from the Go menu select Connect to Server. Then click the browse button if it's not in the list. If it doesn't show up when browsing, Use either afp://ip-address/ (Apple sharing) or smb://ip-address/ (Windows sharing) in the Server Address box. --James
  11. JamesS

    Norton Antivirus and Firewall

    1) Backup data 2) Format drive 3) Reinstall Seriously, Norton sucks. Try their uninstaller but don't be surprised if ti doesn't work. 1) Actually, she may want the virus software if she exchanges files with other people because of Word viruses and such. 2) The built in firewall is pretty good, but a hardware firewall is always better. --James
  12. JamesS

    sorting out itunes

    Do you mean you're trying to get the files and folders named nicely and organized? iTunes does that. The "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" option renames files and sorts them into folders. If you're trying to get ID3 tags for untagged songs, look at a piece of software called iEatBrainz. It uses sound profiling to try and guess the song and will then fill in ID3 tags. --James
  13. JamesS

    Changing default to iTunes Store

    Do you mean the MiniStore? You can turn that on/off under the view menu. Other than that, my iTunes starts up on whichever screen it's on when I quit. Maybe you preferences are corrupted somehow? Try deleting them and see if that helps. ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iTunes.plist --James
  14. JamesS

    Advice needed for iMac RAM upgrade

    Yup. That's the stuff you need. About $200 for a pair of 1GB sticks on newegg. Nope. Just two slots. Interestingly enough, your options are 2x1GB sticks or 1x1GB and 1x2GB. Not sure why you can't put in 2x2GB. *shrug* --James
  15. JamesS

    Im thinking of going windows!

    Uh, no you can't. $700 PCs don't have the same capabilities as any MacBook. Here are the major differences. -Bluetooth - It's usually an option, but sometimes as much as $100 -iLife functionality - Especially DVD burning software -Widescreens - I don't know why, but most PC laptops are still 3:4 -Remote - I thought it was goofy when I got my MacBook, but I actually use it -Firewire - Some have it but not usually at the $700 level -iSight - This I haven't seen in a PC laptop yet, even as an option Now, that said, I just went through Dell's configuration system to configure an E1505 as close to a MacBook 2.0GHz as possible. It came out to about $1350. That's more than the MacBook. Well, in white. --James Edited to add iSight. Totally forgot that. And no, the Dell I configures doesn't have one.