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  1. I want to create a network for my iPhone to securely connect to the Internet AND be able to sync some apps while creating a secured network. If I create a computer-to-computer network using Apple's AirPort preferences, I can create a network to allow apps to sync between the iPhone and my Mac but the iPhone cannot connect to the Internet. If I allow Internet sharing with the iMac's AirPort so that the incoming AirPort connection will use the built in ethernet to connect to my cable modem to the Internet. However, this is not secure. The setup wants to use my computer name to identify the wireless network. The computer name is the same name used by the Windows NTLM that is used to share data on my home ethernet. I do not want to expose those Windows machines to the AirPort--it's hard enough to keep them secure, I don't need more problems! I want to create a network with a different name than my Mac's assigned name that will not only allow me to sync apps (like Bento) but allow the iPhone to use that WiFi connection to use the Mac as a router to the Internet. System: 27-inch iMac late 2009 version, 4Gb RAM, MacOS X 10.6.3, primarily connected to an ethernet network Any help is appreciated! Scott
  2. MacScott

    Tutorial: How to Create an RSS Feed

    I found a way to have the RSS XML code generated for you. Go to the podcast RSS feed generator, fill out the fields and press the "Create RSS Feed (First time)" to generate the RSS information. The script will build the complete RSS file. When you return in the future, just copy the stuff between the <item> and </item> tags (including the tags) and add them to your RSS file. Not only is the script free, but sometimes it is better to use a script to deal with this mundane-type work than doing it yourself!! :-) Scott (a new Maccast listener thanks to the new iTunes!)