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  1. Hey everyone, I just recently submitted my church's podcast to the iTunes podcast directory. I wanted to know if anyone knew how you could track subscriptions to the podcast. How many people have subscribed and whatever other information I could get. Thanks, Mossimac
  2. Review of Apple's Support (Applecare) Recently I began having problems with my bluetooth Mighty Mouse. After a period of use, it would no longer right click. So I would turn off the mouse and turn it back on, causing the problem to resolve. I didn't think this was quite right. I payed $69 bucks for this mouse and I expected that it work correctly. So, I thought I would call apple's support line and see what they could do. I picked up the phone Thursday afternoon Dec. 21st around 12:45 am and called in. The call was first answered by the normal machine but to my surprise I was quickly transfered to a REAL person. They asked for some general information and finally completed the quick interview by asking if I had applecare. I said YES! I know what some of you are thinking at this point... You can't get applecare for your mouse! That's true... but keep reading because it gets better. I explained the problem to the gentleman on the phone and he said that I should take the mouse back to the retailer that I purchased it from. I informed him that I couldn't do this because the retailer is over an hour away. He asked me to hold while he checked on some other options. After returning he explained that they could send me a box to send in my old mouse, and after sending them the broken mouse they would send me a replacement. Well that wouldn't work for me either, you see I use this mouse in my day to day work and can't afford to be without one. (even though I'm on a laptop.. but you all know how hard it is to use photoshop with your laptop's trackpad) Once again I was put on hold to receive another option. Upon returning he told me I could give him my credit card number (to insure the return of the old mouse) and he would send me a replacement FIRST, and upon receiving the replacement I would then put the old mouse in the new box and send it back in. PERFECT! "That will work!" I said. He then told me the new mouse should be there in 3 to 5 business days and asked if there was anything else. I told him that actually there was something else. The hinge on my laptop had not been closing properly and there seemed to be some light spots on my LCD, should I consider that a problem? He said that I should send it in for repairs and he would be sending a box to put the laptop in and it would get here in about 2 days. He told me the repair would take about a week to complete. I thanked him and hung up the phone. Less than 24 hours later Friday Dec. 26th around 9:30 am, a DHL delivery truck appeared outside my home. He came up to the door with boxes in hand. (it was like Christmas) In one hand a small box, in the other a large flat box. I thought to myself, there is no way the mouse is here, it must be the empty box that I'm supposed to use to send it back in. Nay my friends, Nay indeed! It WAS my brand spanking new Mighty Mouse replacement and the box to send my laptop in for repairs. I couldn't believe it. Trust me, it only gets better! So, I unpacked the mouse, swapped it out for my old one and packed up my 12" powerbook to send it in. I didn't get to the DHL carrier until 4:30pm that evening. I dropped off the boxes containing the mouse and the powerbook only to go home and start getting ready for Christmas. Saturday came and went... I assumed the package was in transit at this point. Sunday was Christmas Eve and obviously Monday was Christmas. Well today is Tuesday Dec. 26th and I feel like today is Christmas because at 9:03am a beautiful Fedex truck pulled up and out came a man holding a large flat box. He came to the door and in my disbelief I signed for the package. I quickly brought it inside and carefully cut the tape holding it shut. Opening the box slowly to reveal my 12" powerbook with a BRAND NEW LCD Replacement! That's right, they fixed the latch by giving me a new LCD! I was astonished! So in conclusion and in summary, Apple replaced my broken mouse in less than 24 hours and repaired my broken 12" powerbook latch with a brand new LCD panel in 3 days, returning on the 4th and on top of it all... it was the weekend of Christmas. Some of you may be saying to yourselves... where does this guy live? He must live close to an apple repair center or something... Well that's absolutely far from the truth. I live in Joplin, Missouri which is at least 7 hours from where they sent my laptop (Memphis, TN) but drop the criticism. Apple has given me the best support I have ever received from a computer company. Can you call Dell and get your computer fixed on Christmas weekend in less than 4 days? No way! Can you call HP and talk to a human in less than 5 minutes? No way! Can you get a mouse replaced in less than 24 hours by logitech? NO! Can you do all of the above with apple? YES! I'm Proof! I have never written a review before.. but I guess I have never been so satisfied with something either. Thank you Apple for the most amazing support I've ever received! PS. My powerbook is a year and a half old and this was all possible due to applecare! I highly recommend it! Mossimac 12" Powerbook G4 1.67ghz 768MB Ram 80GB HD (Bluetooth Might Mouse and Keyboard)