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  1. tom203

    Gantt Charts

    I like OmniPlan from the omni group, its not free but its a great application.
  2. Do you think its worth waiting a few weeks to get some of these early models out of the way?
  3. tom203

    Security & Privacy Course (UK)

    you dont need to post in multiple sectons
  4. tom203

    Memory Question

    I wold think that the crucial would work well in the MBP, but the performance gain from pair matching is not really that significant, so i wouldnt buy 2 new sticks just to get an identical RAM pair.
  5. Does anyone know if the ipod touch is shipping in the UK yet? I cant seem to find any info on it.
  6. tom203

    Bye Bye NBS Shows on iTunes

    I think that NBC will cave in, well nearly all of there onlne sales come from iTunes, i think they are just bluffing
  7. tom203

    Apple Special Event, September 5, 2007 at 10:00 AM

    I hope they dont release that horrible stubby, fat ipod nano, If they do they must have hired Bill Gates to head the iPod design team.
  8. tom203

    Apple Special Event, September 5, 2007 at 10:00 AM

    As well as new iPods I hink we will see the Beatles on iTunes after the rumors for the past zillion years, as the title they give on the invite says "The beat goes on" which was the final lin in the Beatles last press release.
  9. tom203

    Using an unlocked iPhone outside the US

    I just listened to TWiT and one of leo's friends in canada had got his iphone to work on thr Rodgers network
  10. tom203

    New macbook and macbook pros.

    The MB and MBP were only recently refreshed also.
  11. tom203

    Breaking WEP encyrption

    Thats right josh you cant open all the channels using the built in airport card, you can is you use a dongle of some sort
  12. I only started listening to podcasts when I got my first iPod, and the first one I discovered was the Maccast
  13. Never heard of it, try restoring your ipod through iTunes that should sort out most problems
  14. tom203

    DVD ripper

    Yes, thats one thing about living in the UK its legal to convert media you own from one format to another, and I like handbrake for ripping dvds
  15. tom203

    Bloggers wanted

    I have got a few bloggers now, but am still looking for one more, so if your interested there is still one spot left.