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    I think the idea of a tablet mac is great. Whether I would like it as a full on computer by itself, or more of a supplementary system, sort of a terminal, I don't know. As far as being a secondary system, I absolutely love the idea of it that way. For example, say I have a Macworld article I want to read while I'm in bed, I don't want to print it out, because it'll take five minutes to print it, and then I'll read it in half the time. It's really hard to read a laptop lying down, so if I just grabbed my tablet mac that was ether like a thin client interface to my own computer or just a "ultra portable mac" that would have access the the web I would be able to surf that web and just do minor stuff that didn't require a full blown computer. I've got too many thoughts about it to type, so maybe I'll make a voice comment to send to Adam. Hope that made sense.