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  1. andrew.design

    Can someone describe Quicksilver to me? I've seen ...

    Quicksilver definately has a bit of a steep learning curve (not really, but can be tricky to understand at first - mostly because it is learned mostly from use). However -> WELL WORTH IT! Also, the current version is a Beta and has an occasional tendency to create a fairly heavy memory footprint. There are ways around this but it involves a bit of fine tuning. (on average its low {30- Megs} but over time can grow heavy {80+ Megs}. I was stunned to see it using more than Photoshop (the flagship RAM hog) at one point. No problem with the processor however. Don't let this scare you away though... It's likely a final release (or other update) will resolve these issues. It's a typical Cost Vs. Benefits situation and the benifits of this program far outshine its negatives. Sadly they are too numerous and complicated to explain. Just give it a try - you won't regret it!
  2. andrew.design

    3 Button Mouse for the Mac

    Concerning a 3 button mouse that works well with Mac... I used Maya for a while and I actually used my Wacom Tablet Mouse and it worked perfectly. Its a simple 3 button mouse (middle button also a wheel) that is actually wireless with no battery (the tablet uses magenetics I believe). The buttons worked perfectly for Maya (as well as other apps - e.g. I set my middle button for Expose'). Drawback (of course) - Wacom Tablet ~ $300. As a side note though, My tablet was EASILY the best money spent on my computer and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that uses there computer for more than the basics. A Standard tablet comes with a mouse AND a pen which you can use interchangebly (The tablet recognizes what is present automatically and instantly). As I mentioned above - almost magically - neither use batteries. As a graphic designer there really isn't anything about it I don't like. I could go on but I will let ya'll check it out for yourselves on their site if you are interested. My tablet ran me $310.00 (U.S.) and has been worth every cent. Huge props to Wacom for creating such an amazing product. ~`Andrew.,.,. (And No - Wacom isn't paying me either