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  1. On a MacCast, Adam mentions that sometimes the arrow links to the website, when it used to link to the Podcast page in iTunes. I noticed it's because only podcasts that have the URL in the info box link to the homepage, instead of the iTunes page. For example, when clicking on the "i" for the MacCast, it shows the Podcast name and the URL below it. For this WEEK in TECH, when clicking on the "i", you get the Podcast name and the episode name. So, when clicking on the :arrow: besides this WEEK in TECH, it brings you to the this WEEK in TECH page on iTunes, and when clicking the :arrow: beside the Maccast, you gent sent to maccast.com
  2. ryanashcraft

    Move you Dashboard Widgets to the Desktop!

    Yeah, we all know that you can do that, but the widget is only temporary, and you can only do one widget at a time. This terminal change allows the widgets to stay on your screen all of the time, even after logging out. I was going to post this tip! Anyway, I love it, and I'm looking at my digital clock widget, and my sticky-note widget floating right in front of the safari window. I love it! ________________________ http://www.macintoshblog.blogspot.com macintoshblog@gmail.com
  3. ryanashcraft

    iTunes reopens after Quit

    Konfabultor's iTunes widget was the problem. I just trashed it. Case Closed
  4. ryanashcraft

    iTunes reopens after Quit

    No, it happens with or without iPod
  5. ryanashcraft

    iTunes reopens after Quit

    I have a very annoying problem, where iTunes wants to reopen every time I quit iTunes. I found the only way of stopping this is by Force Quitting. But, I would rather not do that every time. I would appreciate any help. I'm running an iMac G5 1.8 GHZ w/ Tiger and an iBook G4 800 MHZ /Panther, and the problem occurs on both machines.
  6. ryanashcraft

    apples 2 button scroller!

    Hey, I just got my new Mighty Mouse, and it is so cool! I love the dashboard and app launcher. The 360 is also a very handy feature! Steve finnally gave up on his one-button mouse theory, i guess, since there were so many complaints. I love it, and totally recommend it to everyone! 8)