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  1. RHCP

    Suggestions on Hardware

    i would at least wait until after the feb. 28 event. since apple may anounce a widescreen ibook (or macbook)- its only a couple of days
  2. RHCP

    photocasting feeds

    anyone have any good photocasts yet that they are willing to share? i really want to try it out -alex
  3. RHCP

    .mac and gmail servers

    does anyone know the incoming and outgoing servers for .mac and gmail? also any other information needed to set these up in the Mail application thanks -alex
  4. this is very strange. i just downloaded the new 6.0.2 itunes update and when i click on any of my playlists, this strange music store section comes up at the bottom. its some of the top songs/albums and the new releases. its very annoying and gets in the way, and i cant get it to go away. HELP![/img]
  5. RHCP

    imovie to 5G ipod

  6. RHCP

    imovie to 5G ipod

    i know this question has been answered before, but how do you export an imovie for your ipod? greatly appreciate it
  7. RHCP

    widget screen saver

    my friend showed me this awesome screen saver, where all your widgets pop up. i thought this would be really useful, but i cant find it anyone know? thanks
  8. RHCP

    nano and video ipod problems

    that's a good point lol
  9. RHCP

    nano and video ipod problems

    i was talking about the amount of ipods in general compared to the amount of computers they produce.
  10. RHCP

    How to tell if my harddrive has been copied

    another good one is StickyBrain which also does a lot of other cool/helpful things: http://www.chronosnet.com/Products/sb_product.html by the way, where did you bring your computer? - this sounds a little odd.
  11. i got a nano the day after it came out and have used until last week when i took it out of the case and the faceplate with all the internal parts were breaking off. so to replace it i went to the apple store and payed $50 and upgraded to a brand new video ipod. ok. so i had been using my video ipod for a couple days and what happens? - it breaks. id play a video and then go to play some music and the ipod would start playing both at once. ive decided to just get all my money back and wait. im pretty disapointed in apple. for such a great company i dont see why they cant get things like this right. my friends have also had to return many of their ipods in the past for other reasons. maybe its just that apple has never really produced such a large amount of one product before with such high demand... w/e i guess i wont have an ipod for a while but i think i can live without. ill probably just end up getting something in january, especially if those rumors are true and hopefully nothing will go wrong then.
  12. RHCP

    Video iPod and Chapter Tool

    well i had one for about a week and i remember that it did.
  13. RHCP

    Save yourself 2Gb with one little app.

    is there a way to get this data back once you've erased it?
  14. i have and ipod nano and I'm curious if there are any nice-sounding portable speakers for it. Another question is, I got these dock adapters (much like these: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO... , except for the nano) that came with my nano and i dont know if it will let my ipod work with some of the current iPod speakers (specifcally jbl on tour). -thanks