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  1. m0ng

    unsmooth safari

    So is it not worth the slow-down, installing things like flip for mac etc?
  2. m0ng

    unsmooth safari

    Ive removed the plugin. It seems a little smoother, but still not as fluid as I remember. Ill have a look at that shapeshifter app you recommend later. This is Acidsearch
  3. m0ng

    unsmooth safari

    Ive recently noticed that my safari's scrolling is very 'juttery' and well, un-smooth... I have turned on smooth scrolling, but I can't say it's helped at all. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing it. I dont remember it always being like this. Oh, and im running an ibook g4 1.2ghz 768mb Ram. 10.4.7 (i have acid search plugin installed in safari, could that be responsible?).
  4. anyone else get this error message when loading safari now? I dont have any plugins as far as I can remember :S
  5. What does it mean when you have an eject button next to your network icon in finder? i.e. I know that there are no other computers switched on and connected to my network at the moment...does it mean someone has managed to connect thru my (protected) wireless network?
  6. m0ng

    Menu Bars

    http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/11903 thank you
  7. Ok. Apologies to telewest. It turned out that it was my router... :roll: I think somehow the firmware on there got corrupted (if that's possible) as i managed to fix all the problems i'd been by downloading a fresh copy of it. Strange though, as it only affected secure sites i.e. banking/foldershare and msn messenger.
  8. Yeah, I have cable rather than dsl. I've got a netgear wireless/wired router (54g) and not had this problem with this set up before, apart from an issue where my connection kept dropping when my sister's pc laptop was connected to the wireless network as well. That seemed to solve itself after a couple of miserable weeks. Perhaps it's my router. :/ I am going to test this by connecting my cable modem directly into my ibook and see if the same problems are present.... brb...
  9. I am having real problems with my internet connection at the moment. Basically: i cant connect to my online banking site in safari, although it works on and off with firefox. I can't connect to msn messenger 80% of the time (never through adium, only through the actual microsoft client now) and i cant connect to foldershare (the website (in firefox or safari) or the service) at all..... i've rang my isp (telewest broadband) and they are practically useless. They jus give me the apple support number even though i encounter the same problems on my pc as well. I've asked them to reset my ip as sometimes when attempting to connect to foldershare it says 'Connection refused'. But they wont do that as they said i can connect to other sites so that's not the problem. Any ideas anyone? :S can anyone recommend an isp which'll let me jus dial up without having to make an account? i wanna try through a different isp to see if i have the same problems.
  10. m0ng

    Menu Bars

    How do you get the ical thing in the menu bar? :S
  11. I want to replace my ibook 1.2ghz 12"'s hard drive as i need more space... will this http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=95619 one (which i notice has a SATA interface) work if i put it in me ibook??
  12. m0ng


    What's the coconut?
  13. I wasnt sure whether to put this in the software or internet section, but nm... I need to type japanese into some online forms and forums in safari...I have the IME set up and everything and can type in japanese, but once I submit my post, i have to manually change the the text encoding safari uses to be able to see it. I would like to try inputting in unicode instead... You can easily change the character encoding the ime uses in microshite windows ...i dont know how to do it on my mac tho...any ideas?
  14. m0ng

    why mac sucks video, I HATE THIS GUY

    plus PLUS he was talking about using final cut pro on a first gen imac