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  1. Zorgul

    omnigraffle documents

    Buy a license!
  2. Zorgul

    Let me see your Mac!

    Only to record my vinyl records. I got an Apple TV for playback.
  3. Zorgul

    Let me see your Mac!

    My setup: iMac 20" c2d: iBook 12" G4: The iBook has been dropped two times and i have broken the key holding the keyboard. When I upgraded the internal combo drive to a super drive i broke the internal frame and the battery doesn't hold properly (needs tape).
  4. Zorgul

    G4 and USB 2

    IEEE 1394 is firewire, so what is the model of the card? FAC-211/220/221/420 for usb?
  5. Zorgul

    Stereo bluetooth?

    I just googled it, cool. I was not aware of this. Last time I Looked for this it was last summer. Thanks
  6. Zorgul

    iTunes Sharing Choppy

    You can try to copy a big file between the two computer to see if it is a network problem.
  7. Zorgul

    12" iBook or PowerBook

    I'm not sure I understand you! You want to sell the MacBook pro to buy an Ibook 12" or Powerbook 12"? If it is the case, buy a MacBook you will be happy! They are little bigger 13" but it should be fine for you! Even web browsing on my iBook is slower than the iMac c2d.
  8. Zorgul

    Stereo bluetooth?

    As far as i know, Apple don't support the bluetooth profil for stereo headset.
  9. Zorgul

    12" iBook or PowerBook

    As a owner of an iBook G4 12" and iMac Intel c2d, I also strongly suggest you go with a MacBook. There is no future in PowerPC mac and it is like 1/4 (maybe even less) of the speed of Intel c2d Mac. I think Leopard will be the last version of Mac OS X supporting PowerPC (just my opninion). If you don't have the money to buy a new MacBook c2d, try to find a used MacBook cd.
  10. Zorgul

    When to buy a new iMac?

    I don't think we will ever see a Quad Code iMac soon. It will too powerfull to differentiate from the pro line.
  11. Zorgul

    iBook G4 + wireless 802.11n

    iMac , Apple TV and my new Airport Extreme Base Station. For now my iMac + Apple TV have wired connection but since i have the new base station (got it this week), i'd like to switch everything wireless N. Removing the ethernet cable that goes to the living room from my bedroom (I live in a small apartment) would be nice. Roogie, cool site for wireless! BTW the Airport Extreme base station is way better than my old lynksys WRT54G (it would froze the wireless connection +- 2 time a week and i needed the unplug it everytime.)
  12. Zorgul

    iBook G4 + wireless 802.11n

    I head that using a g in a n network will slow down the device in the n network. It is the reason why i want to upgrade.
  13. Hi! I'd like to know if it is possible to upgrade the iBook G4 (2005 revision) to support 802.11n. I know the airport card in it does not support it. Is it possible to replace it with another card? Thanks
  14. Zorgul

    Apple buys CUPS

    I heard it was to avoid CUPS go GPL V3.
  15. Don't use appdelete to remove steermouse. Use the uninstaller that come with it (i think it install more than an applications). I use it on my Ibook but i didn't install/un-install it for more than a year but i'm still running it.