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  1. Taity

    Twitter Push

    Hey guys, Does anyone know of any decent Twitter apps that support Push functionality? Thanks
  2. Taity

    Macbook Lip

    Hey guys, Quick general opinion question here. I have the 3 year applecare plan for my macbook and have had it for just over a year. A piece of plastic has now come off, picture here: I wasn't doing anything unusual when it happened, just a bit of internet browsing. My only thought is that its caused from the lid closing on that spot as the ridge fits pretty much over that spot. Ie design flaw. Is this sort of thing covered by applecare?
  3. Taity

    Finder Icons

    Hey guys, I'm having a slight problem with getting the settings for a finder folder cascade down to other folders. I open up finder view options, made the icon size larger then hit the "Use as default" button. In theory this should apply to all subfolders etc, but it isn't. Any ideas as to why? Thanks
  4. Taity

    Upgrading iMac

    Seriously considering getting a refurbed iMac to update the ones I have. Think i'll wait until there is an update on the current ones as the ones they sell as refurbished on the current spec may be a bit lower in price on top.
  5. Taity

    Show off your Desktop

    My current desktop:
  6. Taity

    Mail Smart Mailboxes

    Thanks so much! Thats made my life so mich easier! Ta
  7. Taity

    Mail Smart Mailboxes

    I can't see an option in the edit seciton of the particular smart mailbox to exclude where it picks them up from. :S
  8. Taity

    Mail Smart Mailboxes

    Hey guys, I finally got around to setting up Mail, after several years. I always used my gmail account online and never used another program for it. But due to sending more and more e-mails rather than just receiving them I needed a better editor when writing e-mails. So I set up Mail with my Gmail account using IMAP. Now I set up a smart box to catch certain e-mails into it. The problem is is duplicates them :S. Now above you will see the smart mailbox has duplicated each e-mail. From what I can see it is catching them from two places. When I set up the IMAP account it copied all my inbox mails from gmail into my Inbox at the top and has made an exact copy of what my gmail account folders are at the bottom. Therefore it is catching all the mails in my Inbox at the top which syncs with gmail constantly and the copy at the bottom called All Mails. Can anyone tell me why it does this? Can I stop it catching both copies? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Reason I asked was when i did a clean install from Tiger to leopard it wiped windows off my system. Thought it might this way. I actually want it wiped.
  10. Hey guys. Simple as. I am planning of re-installing Leopard tomorrow with a clean install. I was wondering does this wipe my other partition which has windows xp on it via boot camp and merge the two partitions back together again? Or does it leave it intact? Thanks guys.
  11. Taity

    Bootcamp XP Connection issue

    All the windows XP drivers are installed from the Leopard disc or whatever it is? I can't remember the new process for installing drivers. Also I got a tool that will mean you don't need to use windows at all to test a windows look design. Later today when I get back I will post a guide and link. It's built right into Safari you know.
  12. Taity

    Show off your Desktop

    Quick update on mine:
  13. Taity

    Wipe all please

    I just watched this: http://www.apple.com/macosx/guidedtour/ Now towards the end he does a Leopard Upgrade guide and one thing he said was that it took 1 - 2 HOURS! WTF?! Also he made it seem like you could only upgrade and keep everything. I want to upgrade and have EVERYTHING wiped as I want an absoloutely fresh start. The only thing I want is my pictures and music and I will back them up before hand. Is this still possible? Also a back up question. If i simply just drag my music folder (where ALL my music is) onto an external drive. Then with new Leopeard just drag and replace back and open itunes and hold whatever key it is and select that library it should work yeah?
  14. Taity

    Show off your Desktop

    Well here is an update of mine: